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Panasonic GH6 Wild Rumors

According to latest rumors coming from trusted rumor mill. Panasonic GH6 camera may use 35mm / Fullframe sensor. Take a look at the rumored specification of the camera coming straight out from rumor mill.

– There seem to be discussion that next GH will have a Super 35 sensor (full size to be enabled by key), 
– higher resolution (33 MP frames required for 8K)
– special pixel binning algorithm for low light applications
– Dual ISO (We have seen inside GH5s not new)

— end of rumor part —-

See, from this rumor it’s very clear that from M4/3 system the entire GH series will jump to FF system.

What will happen is we use M4/3 Lenses on a FF sensor.

  • Firstly, yes, you would get a crop, or it’s better to say you will only use  “partial” FF sensor
  • M4/3 lenses vignette in FF mode (big issue)

So, if GH series camera will have a FF sensor inside then they have to Make these basic changes to existing M4/3 camera. That includes Introduction of Mode Selector – FF Mode – M4/3 Mode as well as introduction of L-Mount in GH series camera.

If this rumor is true than literally a GH series will become a Half-cooked S1 series camera.

I don’t think this rumor is true.

And finally some definitions  (food for thought)

Pixel Binning vs. Skipping vs Oversampling

  • Binning is the combining of photosite sensor values as they’re read from the sensor and then sent to the demosaicing process.
  • Skipping is literally skipping over some sensor values.
  • Oversampling is reading more pixels than the final output format supports, and uses Downsampling, or scaling, to combine values, which is done after demosaicing.

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4 comments to Panasonic GH6 Wild Rumors

  • Guy Hebert

    Rumors…rumors…rumors…Never any announcement. I wait for the new G5X and or the new G7X that have been steady rumors for the last year and a half.

  • admin

    Canon G7X Mark III camera cleared all test back on dec 2018 and we have published the post too.

    Now we have confirmed news that Canon G7X Mark III will be coming in July 2019.

    Stay with us.

  • Wayne

    You guys don’t realise, it is talking about the smaller s35 movie film sensor. The JVC JY-300 (I think) m43rds video camera does this with an optical adaptor built in which restricts it from optical image stabilisation. If you look it up you can see this weird lens system in the barrel. But it makes sense. It means the normal m43rd lens might get 6k+, maybe even 8k from expanded image circle, like when people use s16 lens on m43rds adaptor. :). But, for s35 movie kens, it will be right in the zone.

    The other thing is, we have been waiting for the 8k 20 stop+ organic sensor to cone in this camera. This might be a wonderful filming camera, enough to seriously dent Red and Arri. If they include something which works like BM Raw, even though it is not as good as Red or Alexa codex, it would he a game changer. They could firmware modify the present cameras to do this too, as it is just one simple step to adjust the recorded values to reflect the underlying Bayer color filter pixel values. If they could hit 16 bits with this, and near lossless, I’d be somewhat interested.

  • Wayne

    Now they just got to make it smaller, more like a pocket with a screen (when you use adapted and mounted s35 cinema lens you want to use it mounted or in a rig anyway).

    BM better release a 8k Micro soon to differentiate.

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