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Panasonic GH5R With High Resolution Sensor ?

I mean why not ? If they are on the same path of Sony A7 series… then why can’t we expect a Panasonic GH5R camera from Panasonic in 2018.

Panasonic Sony
Panasonic GH5 Sony A7
Panasonic GH5S  Sony A7S
Panasonic GH5R Sony A7R

No one thought of a Panasonic GH5S camera few months back from now, till we told you that it’s coming. Again we are the first toss up Panasonic GH5R camera name.

Panasonic GH5R  with a 30MP Sensor ?

Panasonic uses M4/3 sensor and they are 2X smaller then of fullframe sensor. So, practically its not possible for a M4/3 format sensor to go beyond 30 Megapixels while maintaing a decent low-light performance.

I personally think that if Panasonic announces M4/3 sensor based Megapixel monster, it will be around 30-35MP Resolution not more than that.

Stay with us… What do you think about Panasonic GH5R ? Let’s know your thoughts …

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5 comments to Panasonic GH5R With High Resolution Sensor ?

  • Beyonce

    Well to get 8K on a sensor with an aspect ratio of 3:2 you need over 40 MP. So to include some electronic image stabilisation you would need 45 MP.

    I believe Panasonic had said they will have an 8K camera for the next Olympics which I believe are coming up pretty soon.

    If it comes with a global sensor also I guess we will be able to dump the mechanical shutter all together saving some weight and money and adding reliability.

  • Joe Prete

    Battle of the Mega-Pixels… Didn’t we do this already?

  • Odin

    Given that m4/3 sensor tech is years behind and has hardly improved in 5 years, I’d rather they worked on things like stacked BSI sensors and tried to improve their 20MP sensor. That’s already 80MP FF equivalent. If you need more pixels ask yourself why, if it’s for prints move to a larger format sensor you’ll get much better quality.

    Whislt I do like the Olympus and Panasonic cameras, I would have much preferred them to be like Fuji and use APS-C, I see m4/3 as a bit part player.

  • Timothy McClanahan

    I think the higher resolution would be of more utility for stills than video. Perhaps a 9R would be a better option.

  • max 44.2 megapixels
    but i think, if the made GH5R (no, it will G9R) with sensor about 24-25 MP for 6K

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