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Olympus Working on High-Resolution M4/3 Camera [Rumor]

One of our readers reported that Olympus may be working on high resolution M4/3 sensor for their upcoming flagship camera. The information we have received in our email look logical to us that why we have decided to publish.

As we all know the M4/3 sensor do have a physical limit (2X smaller than FF) and that’s why it is not easily possible to stretch the Megapixels like APS-C or FF Sensors. If they increase the sensor resoltuion they will sure loose the DR and High-ISO performance of the camera.

High Resolution mode already present – As we all know Olympus E-M1X have built-in sensor shift High-Res mode, 50MP JPEG image or 80MP raw image by combining eight sequentially recorded frames into a single, larger image. Olympus upcoming flasghip camera will have hand-held High res mode which will work in longer exposures also.

So, if they already have class leading high-res mode capture option in their camera, why their R&D team want to loose DR and High-ISO performance while adding more MP to M4/3 sensor ?

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5 comments to Olympus Working on High-Resolution M4/3 Camera [Rumor]

  • Dave Haynie

    Olympus might trade a bit of DR for resolution for exactly the same reason that FF and, pretty soon, APS-C cameras do this: increased resolution. If Olympus simultaneously went to BSI/stacked sensors, they might not actually suffer any DR loss, just as Sony did ok going from a 24 megapixel A7 to a 42 megapixel A7RII.

    There are already 1″ cameras at 20 megapixels. That’s basically 40 megapixels in APS-C. No one in FF is claiming one resolution fits all. Sony, after all, will sell you 12, 24, or 42 megapixels. Canon’s ranging from 20-50 in their pro-series. And of course, any higher resolution camera could still offer an 8-shot hires mode, which also boosts color resolution and reduces noise.

  • bh

    It’s hard to find good lenses even for lower resolutions, but adding more and more pixel is easier and simpler for marketing, no matter nobody needs this …

  • Odin

    Where is it stated DR will decrease with resolution. The DR has been climbing with resolution in FF and APS-C.

    Also, anybody that claims it’s hard to find good lenses isn’t being serious, it’s frankly a silly comment. There are lots of reasons more pixels helps and just because you don’t need them doesn’t mean others don’t

  • blue_finger

    Yes, Yes, Yes! This is what Olympus needs to do… At least ONE camera in their range needs ultra high resolution. People who don’t need it can buy their other products. I am waiting for this ONE. It really depends on your photographic subjects and style of photography. Sure for street photography and portraits, maybe no-one needs ultra high res – you can get so close to your subject it doesn’t matter so much. But try a bit of nature photography – that eagle high in the sky – the little spider up high on the side of a tree – the clouds brimming over that distant mountain range… I can use Olympus cameras but at the moment I can’t enlarge the images very much – they pixellate – the resolution and detail is just not there. I can make post cards and A4 prints no problem… what if I want to make stunning large scale art photography for galleries or large posters? Can’t use Olympus for that at the moment… But if they really can make a truly high res M4/3 sensor – then Olympus is holding Aces.. smaller and lighter camera and lens with super high resolution?? Shooting high res mode or even using a tripod – wow – the results would be amazing and I could actually substantially enlarge the images AND still keep the resolution.. WOw… Then wouldn’t the FF and APS-C and medium format folks start to worry a bit?? Carrying around all the heavy gear… High res image quality is the main thing keeping Olympus apart from other high end pro cameras.. (I am talking about subjects at a distance) FUJI soon releasing 100 mega pixel medium format… Sony rumours of 68 – 72 mp… Cannon 120 mp etc etc… and Olympus M4/3rds at 20 mp… 🙁 Like I said the brand needs at least ONE ultra-high res option in it’s line up to keep competitive for THOSE USERS WHO NEED IT. Otherwise no option but to look to other brand alternatives. Hope this rumour is true.

  • blue_finger

    oh and this is very interesting…
    “New 8K M4/3 Camera Prototype from Sharp at CES”

    Probably somewhere a High Res M4/3 sensor already exists!(eg 33MP or 44MP or higher?)
    I wonder when it will be revealed? But where is Oly placed in the R&D field on these high res M4/3 sensors? Hopefully near the top?? Or will other brands like Sharp steal their thunder?? Exciting possibilities indeed…
    Let’s see.

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