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Firmware Update

Olympus PEN F II Camera Announcement on 2019

Olympus PEN F

TNC Exclusive: Thanks to Japanese sources we are the first to confirm you that Olympus registered a new Olympus PEN F Mark II camera. The announcement is aboutd to happen in next three month is everything goes on schedule. As we always say, once a camera get registered it roughly rakes 2 to 3 months we do gave big hope from Olympus.

Olympus PEN-F II Rumored Specification

  • 20 MP M4/3 sensor
  • Enhanced IS system
  • Improved Hybrid AF system / AI AF system
  • 4k 60p recording option

We will update you soon as we get any new information. Also see all details about Olympus E-M1X [announcement this month]

Our readers want to know is that same Olympus camera with extended registration time ?

Well the simple answers is no, since the registered code is also different, you can see the different registered codes in table below. If a company extends time period then you won’t find any second entry in the database, extension will be allocated on same device id.


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6 comments to Olympus PEN F II Camera Announcement on 2019

  • subrato1988

    Awesome news

  • steven

    I have read somewhere that, its the same PENF camera with extended time… is it true ?

  • Brian

    The pen F is one of the most beautiful cameras in existence (I love retro). But it’s not one I own. I rather wish Olympus would put something a bit more useful to me personally on the front dial. Not sure what, though.

  • Ronald Schleyer

    Olympus needs to get rid of the flimsy plastic battery door that reviewers complained about (and many customers had to deal with) on the original (2016) PEN F. The company even had to bring out a separately offered replacement part, which shows the original design mistake was serious. The fact that this happened at all is not a good sign and prevents us from greeting a second-edition PEN F with completely open arms until we see rigorous reviews.

  • Ole Riis

    The PenF is wonderful: light, compact, classy, efficient. What I wish for in version II: a better grip, a dustproof body, more reliable colour rendition (red), silent mode.

  • Paul U

    tilting screen… Pleeease!!!

    PN: For being a stills photographer, the fully articulated screen eg. at the new E-M5 III is a show stopper. Touch shutter and operation from waist level becomes near to unusable.

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