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Nikon Will Not Develop Large Sensor Mirrorless Camera

During an interview Nikon representatives told to that Nikon is not in the mood to develop large sensor mirrorless camera, according to him…

UPDATE: Nikon – We Don’t Want to Deny the Possibility of Large-Sensor Mirrorless


Take a look at the key points of the inter-view

– The market is growing moderately, but that’s on a very small scale [in relation] to the size of the [overall] market.

– In terms of total value and units, it is really small compared to what DSLR is still doing.

– the whole camera market is contracting (due to high end smartphones?) and the Mirrorless sale is not growing by the same amount.

– Nikon already have the Nikon 1 mirrorless system and doesn’t see any reason to announce large sensor  based mirrorless camera.

– According to Nikon DSLR offer advantages over CSCs, in terms of AF speed, tracking and ‘reliability of the life cycle’.

An finally,  high-end mirrorless system would need to win acceptance from professionals and many loyal enthusiasts

Recent announcement from Nikon – Nikon D750 Announced – Press Release, Full Specification and Videos


6 comments to Nikon Will Not Develop Large Sensor Mirrorless Camera

  • Matthew Fleischer

    How sad….we are watching an iconic brand failing to join the future of photography.

  • To Nikon,

    I have been using NIKON 1 V1 for more than 2 years now, I can live with the small sensor that being chosen for NIKON 1. As a matter of fact, I prefer it that provides a factor of “x 2.7”.

    The poor sales of NIKON 1 should be blamed on your (Nikon) wrong product strategy. Like my case, although I am happy with my V1, I was already prepared for an upgrade for a better/improved handling before you launched the V2. When V2 was actually launched, its improvement from V1 was too minimal so that I decided to stick to my V1; and putting hope on another generation. Finally, V3 came out but with big disappointment. You took away the EVF and made it as add-on option, hand-grip also became an add-on option. The lowest ISO became 160 instead of 100; in practice, it seems fine but you failed to explain technically why ISO 160 would be just fine. Even worst, you created a small DC style interchangeable kit lens which does not support filter mounting.

    Your product developing strategy seems like you want to use every new generation of Nikon 1 to draw in new customers rather than keeping the old customers to upgrade from old to new generation. In my case, if my V1 fails or I become tired of it, I don’t see V3 a successor particularly it is only available for sale together with the new kit lens. Why would I need another kit lens? Your strategy is telling me to go out shopping around when I need a replacement for my V1 instead of sticking to Nikon 1 system.


  • nic

    Am reading this from Nikon? It sounds like they’re already handing over the camera market leadership. With this kind of company policy, Nikon will be another Kodak who failed to adopt early to new technologies & trend. But it’s good to know early at least I have a valid reason not to upgrade anymore with Nikon & I will start selling my lenses before it end up with zero value. Now let’s watch how Samsung’s NX1 will perform?

  • I like Nikon. I trust in Nikon they have a good service.
    I have a Nikon D800 and only using Nikkor lenses. I also have a Nikon V1 with a FT1 adaptor and I love it despite Nikon yet has a solution for the Commander flash system for this camera.
    However one thing I don’t like about the DSLR is the problem with oil spots. Nikon admitted after a long battle with consumers that there was a problem and they have produced a new D610 as a replacement for the D600. But this does not solve the problems with my D800. Few months ago it was cleaned by Nikon and only after a short shooting session there is a new spot on my censor.
    The mirror less Nikon 1 V1 had never been cleaned and there are no dust or spots on the censor despite changing of lenses for several years.
    I’m sure Nikon will produce a mirror less with a big censor. This should not be a big issue and customers can have a choice DSLR or Mirror less.
    As mentioned in another reply there is no reason for update to V2 or V3. In my opinion Nikon has maked too many options in the Nikon 1 segment. There are cameras with V, J, S and AW etc.
    I understand the AW is for a different purpose but they have only needed to make a V1 and J1 – the J1 could have been filled with the amateur stuff.
    Why is Nikon using ISO 160 on the V2 and V3? Because they increase the numbers of MP (megapixels). Sony’s RX100 M2 (also CX censor) has 20MP and ISO 100 why can’t Nikon make this?
    In the V3 there is no low pass filter and it’s great however the contrast is not as good as the V1.
    The V3 can be bought in Hong Kong as a body only or including the grip, EVF and a kit lens (same size as the former).
    Nikon has not been sure about the consumers and are testing the market with limited production of the V3 and the new CX lens 1 Nikkor 70-300mm. This lens is still not available in Hong Kong and it’s also almost impossible to find the V3.
    The memory card on the V3 is also a disaster – why change this????
    Why does Nikon not listen to their users?

    The Nikon 1 system is a very versatile system combined with the Nikkor lenses using the FT1 adaptor. In fact what I like most is the V1 with the 1 Nikkor 32mm F/1.2. Even the DOF (due to the smaller censor) is not to compare with the Nikkor 85mm 1.8 og 1.4 it’s a fantastic lens. I like that it’s still possible to view what’s behind the subject and still making the subject stand out. The lens is very sharp (even full open) with beautiful colours and contrast. Very well done Nikon.
    I find other fixed lenses + the 30-110mm for the Nikon 1 system great too.

    I hope Nikon in the future will make it worth to upgrade the V1 – in the meantime I will enjoy it the way it is.

  • V. Anand

    I urge Nikon to also go in for the full frame mirrorless bodied camera as I feel that this type of camera with all the advances in evf tech and sensors will be the favourite of older people. If you compare the size of the Nikon D4 and Sony a7r, you will know. I have been a Nikon professional always carrying two bodies with wide and tele which saw me through a lot of published work, and I wish Nikon well.

  • […] an interview published few days ago (see here) Nikon representatives told to that Nikon is not in the mood to develop […]

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