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Nikon - We Don't Want to Deny the Possibility of Large-Sensor Mirrorless

Nikon-DF-image-silver-1In an interview published few days ago (see here) Nikon representatives told to that Nikon is not in the mood to develop large sensor mirrorless camera, all of our FB fan and website users said that It is one of the worst decision ever made by Nikon.

But today again a new interview surfaced over the web via, in that interview Mr. Toshiaki Akagi –  Department Manager in Nikon’s 1st Designing Department of the Development Center in the Imaging Business Unit Nikon said  We don’t want to deny the possibility of future large-sensor mirrorless cameras. So maybe if there is enough demand we may be able to provide another type of mirrorless camera with larger sensors. This is one of the solutions”

Also look at the key points of the interview —

  • Introduction of 4K movie function to our DSLR lineup
  • Nikon is studying the possible demand of Nikon D300s successor, since many pro-DX format user upgraded to FX format.
  • Nikon is also “studying” the possibility / possible demand of a D3X successor D4X
  • and finally “You can expect some new DX lenses in the future. We haven’t forgotten about our DX customers”

So it’s nice to see Nikon is atleast not rigid on its decisions and will announce products based on user and market demand.


5 comments to Nikon – We Don’t Want to Deny the Possibility of Large-Sensor Mirrorless

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  • Frank Colletto


  • If I need a larger sensor, I would go for a SLR.

    Here is my wish list:

    A must:
    1) Built-in handgrip.
    2) Built-in EVF.
    3) SD card (not Micro SD).
    4) Battery compartment that accommodates EN-EL15.
    5) Direct access of Manual Focus, WB and ISO settings.
    6) Hot shoe for flash.
    7) Allow longer duration on B mode, say 5 minutes instead of currently 2 minutes.
    8) Higher ISO.

    Nice to have but not essential:
    1) Wifi
    2) GPS
    3) Angle adjustable LCD monitor.
    4) Double exposure.

  • NTM

    I do not know how much electronics you can squeeze inside a body like that,but the response from Nikon (and its FF) should be a camera with features and size of the FM2/3A.
    A sort of Fuji X-T1/A7 obviously a little bigger (see FF+Flange distance),with smaller battery,small or no grip,real manual control,but not the abortion that was the Df.
    If they have managed to put together a little “gem” that is the Coolpix A (APS-C in a compact),I don’t see how it is not feasible.

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