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Nikon Patent 300mm F2.8 FL - With Adjustable Lens Elements

Nikon 300mm lens patent image

Nikon working on a 300mm F2.8L lens with a completely new approach. To ensure maximum sharpness and reduce manufacturing defect, the 300mm lens elements can be adjusted even after assembling.   

Lens Patent details translated by google

    Patent Publication No. 2016-161641
Published 2016.9.5
Filing date 2015.2.27
    Example 1
f 294.00
FNO 2.91
2ω 8.32
Y 21.60
TL 305.39
Air conversion TL 304.88
BF 67.25
Air-converted BF 66.74
    Nikon patent
Positive and negative ShiboTadashi
Inner focus
Anti-vibration (part of the third group)
Adjustable air gap adjustment lens group

Nikon and Canon do quality inspection before the shipment of lens starts, but if Lens fails in quality standards test then lenses are first de-assembled and re-assembling takes a lot of cost as well as time.

The Nikon latest patent tells us the lens elements can by adjusted even after assembling is done. It’s actually a technological breakthrough and will uplift the overall quality of Nikon Lenses.

We will sure update you soon as we get any new information.  See more Nikon Patent

source – egami

Article is take from a japanes website – please do share us if you have a better translation

3 comments to Nikon Patent 300mm F2.8 FL – With Adjustable Lens Elements

  • Distance isn't an issue

    ohhhh thats interesting. So it means adjustments can be done at shop rather than sent all the way back to Snikon.
    Really wish they would drop the VR off their lenses and just move it into the camera bodies to help reduce the size of lenses and possible defects.

  • Nealpatel

    No, shop keeper’s can’t move anything.. Nikon service center can. These modules are not adjustable by users.

  • Stella

    You blog post is awesome, how can we donate some money to you to keep the awesome website running.

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