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Nikon P4000 Camera with 200X Optical Zoom Coming

After the great success of Nikon P900 camera Nikon finally preparing to announce a new super-zoom camera Nikon P4000 with 200X optical Zoom. Take a look at the major specification of the camera below.

Nikon P4000 Major Specification
24-4800mm f/3.8-10 lens (200x zoom)
3.5″ LCD screen
1.5kg. weight

If the rumor is true than it will sure take over the Mega zoom crown from Nikon P900, take a look at more Nikon Rumors.

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5 comments to Nikon P4000 Camera with 200X Optical Zoom Coming

  • carlos

    hay stok?

  • When this specific Nikon camera comes out,…. I WILL want to purchase one.

  • Bhalchandra

    Nikon can never manufacture P4000 200X zoom camera…. it is hoax and Nikon is trying to fool people around the world. Its just impossible…..the price will top the limit ….sky high prices….for middle class people it will be only a dream to buy such camera.

  • Barry Moir

    I am very interested in purchasing the new Nikon 125x Optical lens Camera as I don’t own a digital camera at all, apart from Mobile Phone Camera’s. The very large 125x lens I think would be outstanding so as I am a pensioner I am going to start saving for one of the camera’s starting now.
    I would really appreciate any news you could spare of the development of camera. I am 72yrs of age so am really eager to get my first Digital Camera.
    Sincere Regards & Thank You,
    Barry Moir.

  • h.mansouri

    It is more than one year that Nikon company have said “we will soon produce the Nikon camera model P4000 with 200X zoom to the market”but it has not come out yet.
    I think this huge number of zoom could not be real and they only decide to make people wait and amazing.Why so delay.If that could be true and and an optical zoom of 200x could be achieved ,then the well known company Sony would be able to make
    this types of cameras before Nikon company .

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