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Nikon P1000 Coming in 2018

Nikon P1000 camera image

Nikon P1000 camera is coming in 2018. Before we move further let me tell you the N1622 is Nikon P1000 (Nikon P900 successor).

Why delayed ?, OK at the moment we are not having any official words from Nikon.

But, all of us know that Nikon closed its compact camera manufacturing unit in China due to financial crises [dpreview]. According to one of the trusted source after the shut down the development of all compacts camera postponed for undefined period of time.

But now we have a good news, We got confirmation from  trusted Japanese sources that Nikon P900 successor manufacturing will be done in Thailand.

Nikon P1000 production unit is now shifted to Thailand

Nikon P1000 image

So, at the end we can expect the arrival of the Nikon P1000 camera in 2018. If we look at previous rumors, the camera is said to feature 125X optical zoom Lens [take with a grain of salt].

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17 comments to Nikon P1000 Coming in 2018

  • etudiant

    One year delay due to ‘financial crisis’.
    Nikon must have been really desperate to shut down their China production base.
    Clearly they saw that the leakage of IP would eventually hurt them excessively.
    The offset is that they will be less well positioned to serve the Chinese market.
    Good thing they have no effective competition in this mega zoom space.

  • admin

    This is what Nikon said
    In recent years […] due to the rise of smartphones, the compact digital camera market has been shrinking rapidly, leading to a significant decrease in operating rate at NIC and creating a difficult business environment. In this context, the Company conducted rounds of thorough reviews and discussions on the global manufacturing structure optimization measures stated in the company-wide restructuring plan announced by the Company in November 2016. The Company has decided to discontinue operations of NIC.

  • John smith

    The p900 is such an incredible camera. I can’t wait for the new version of this! Hopefully it has a much better IS system and better battery life when zooming. Thank you Nikon!! This camera is the new telescope, it’s Amazing in every way. Nikon has really kept a specific market with this camera and I can’t wait to get the p1000. Saturn awaits!

  • Andrew

    The big question is when is Nikon going to finally release this camera to the masses? lol

  • Marcos S.

    Please increase the IS.. maybe ad some of that in-body IS and boost the battery.
    PS: please have an artificial horizon !

  • Dona karnes

    Bulb setting please

  • Momay

    Been waiting so long and so exited to get p1000 in my hands…….. keep waiting and waiting

  • Peter

    I need to know when this is likely. My local shop tells me it was due late February. I am travelling in June, and want to know if I should buy the P900 or wait for P1000 (or N1622)

  • TK Chuan

    As this camera has a powerful zoom, handling the shutter manually will somehow affect the quality of the shots even though with tripod on. I understand that one can control the shutter by a handphone but for the older people there’re difficulty in handling it. My question is – is there a build-in port for wired or cordless remote control in the camera?

  • Jan Schotpoort

    Graag antwoord wanneer komt de nikon P1000,
    En graag de prijs indien mogelijk.

  • Sadhan mondal

    Probable date nikon p1000 coming market

  • admin

    We are expecting this year September or October.

  • Sadhan mondal

    Can i bought nikon p900??


    Any idea when? And what will be the price?

    eran Peled in phasebook

  • dror uzan

    I own the P900 camera shortly and I’m in love. Today Nikon is my new home, happy to have the new .. P1000

  • Ines

    Hi, everyone! I’ve asked a very know Mall in Spain about the P1000 (I’m also interested in it!) and after speaking with Nikon, the guy told me that the launch of the P1000 is only a rumor… that they have no news about it 🤷🏼‍♀️
    Any information? Thank U in advance!

  • Brian Stalzone

    I work for Nikon and have to say that I can’t believe how heavily this rumor is spreading around. There is no official information on the P1000 as the P1000 is only a rumor that started a little over a year ago. Even on our end of things, we do not know if this will ever be a camera that will be released or not.

    Thank you

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