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Nikon D7100 vs Canon 7D

Nikon D7100 vs Canon 7D

Nikon D7100 vs Canon 7D Specification comparison review, Nikon D7100 features higher megapixel sensor, No optical low pass filter but limited burst speed.

Nikon D7100 vs Canon 7D


Nikon D7100 features newly developed 24.1-megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor and Canon 7D features 18 MP APS-C CMOS sensor, Nikon D7100 is bit larger sensor and features more megapixel than Canon 7D.

No Optical Low Pass Filter

Due to no optical low pass filter the Nikon D7100 will capture more details, color and have less noise at high ISO.


Nikon D7100 features broad ISO range compared to Canon 7D, you get ISO 50-25,600, Canon 7D is limited to 100-12800.


Nikon D7100 features 51 point advance AF system with 15 cross type points, Canon 7D offers all cross-type 19-point autofocus system. So you get more cross AF points in Canon 7D.

Continuous Shooting Speed

Canon 7D have better Continuous shooting speed compared to Nikon D7100. (6fps vs 8fps)

For continuous shooting sequences, the 7D can capture bursts of up to 126 JPEGs (large) when using UDMA CF memory cards, or 15 when shooting RAW files.

With Nikon D7100 you get rapid six frames-per-second (fps) burst speed in 1.3X crop mode.


Nikon D7100 features full HD video recording at 60fps with contrast detect AF system, Canon 7D Full HD is limited to 30fps only and no contrast AF or Phase AF available during video shooting.

Nikon D7100 vs Canon 7D


Nikon D7100 features bigger and better display.

Other features

In-camera HDR mode in D7100
Nikon include Selective Colour, Miniature, High and Low Key, Silhouette, Colour Sketch and Night Vision effects.


  • Nikon D7100 features bigger and better sensor
  • No Optical Low Pass Filter in D7100
  • Advance 51 point AF System
  • Broad ISO Range in D7100
  • Better Video mode in D7100 and
  • Better and bigger Display
  • Canon 7D features fast continuous shooting speed
  • affordable

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5 comments to Nikon D7100 vs Canon 7D

  • Alex

    The comparasion is ridiculous, the 7D have 4 year old. How it spend time in this kind of comparisions. The only comparison that is worthwhile is with the D7000 or a new model of Canon, soon 7DII or 70D.

  • admin

    Hi Alex, the new 70D is expected to arrive soon, and we will publish a new specification comparison as soon as possible after the announcement, but at this moment we have no option.

  • DDR

    I’d have to agree the comparison is useless. Can’t compare camera technology 4 years apart . Canon seems to be a bit slow on getting their updates out though. Maybe a story on how Nikon is beating canon in product development and release would be nice. Don’t know why a 7d replacement takes so long.

  • The 7D had a significant firmware update. I believe the 7D specs cited include the update. In any case how would you want the review to read? “Beware Canon 7D is OLD — Don’t buy it?” That would be ridiculous!

  • Daniel

    Funny thing is that you didn’t even mention the benefits of 7D beside 8fps.

    I worked with both cameras and i’m a Nikon Guy myself (D5100)
    D7100 is Newer , Yes
    It has better low light performance , Yes
    Better screen and features , Yes and Yes

    But the thing is the 7D is just a delight to work with
    if you try both of them like i did you’re going to notice immediately the Fantastic Grip on the 7D , it just feels right having the fullframe 5D MK II Grip on it.
    The ISO button , search digitalrev review d7100 and you’ll get how annoying it is.
    More durable body on 7D , D7100 is good enough but feels a bit plasticy.
    7D is fairly cheaper at least where i’m at now.
    and the thing that just did it for me was Magic Lantern which if you don’t find it that useful maybe there’s not enough reasons to buy 7D beside the 8fps , Grip , Cheaper body.

    Although keep in mind that 7D MK II will be announced about 1-3 months later with almost everything ahead of D7100 but not cheaper of course.
    7D range in nikon is D300S which is a Higher end body than D7100 in terms of size and some pro features which i heard nikon is going to put on a new Series like D9000 or so.
    We’ll see.

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