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Nikon D3500 to Feature 24MP Sensor

Nikon D3500 camera coming

Nikon D3500 camera is rumored to arrive in 2018. well at the moment, I don’t have an exact date, It’s a good chance that camera will have a 24 megapixel DX format sensor. That’s all we know about Nikon D3500 camera for now.

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2 comments to Nikon D3500 to Feature 24MP Sensor

  • Steve

    Thanks admin for the information.

    Nikon must get a Hybrid CMOS sensors for DSLR.

  • Jesse

    Nikon should make the following features standard across all their cameras:

    – Power aperture. I don’t care what anyone says, the need to go out of live view in order to change the aperture, and go back in, is a huge time waster. This is 2018, and I know of no other camera system that don’t have the ability to change the aperture during live view / recording.

    – Articulated swivel touchscreen. Canon has had these on their Rebel series for how many generations now? Stop trying to make an extra buck on a feature that should be standard. Take the screen from D5500 and put it on the D3500.

    – Improved full time auto-focus. The auto-focus in general during live view or recording is pretty lacking across all Nikon models. Time to fix this from the bottom up.

    – 4K video (without a monstrous crop). Make the cameras bigger/heavier if you need more components or space for improved heat dissipation. In my opinion, they are already too small for my big hands, and sometimes they are too light to work correctly with certain kinds of stabilization equipment. You could easily space out different varieties of 4k video across different models. Give the D3500 a 4k 24/30p. The D5700/D5900 (whichever comes next) up to 4k60p, and other higher end models get things like LOG color profiles, 10 bit video, etc.

    There are other features, but these by themselves would make me sell my non Nikon gear and invest heavily into Nikon. There’s a huge market share ready for the taking, if they went the extra mile to do so.

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