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List of Panasonic Upcoming Lenses

List of Panasonic Lenses comingPanasonic is working on SIX new MFT lenses according to the patent documents surfaced over freepatentsonline. The list also includes a superzoom 12-240mm telephotolens and 12-70mm lens with a constant aperture of F2.8.

Take a look at the list lenses

– 12-70Mm F2.8
– 12-240Mm F3.6-6.5 (total length of the lens is 18.8Cm)
– 24-70Mm F3.6-5.7
– 24-240Mm F3.6-6.5
– 70-200Mm F2.8
– 100-300mm F2.8-4

Undoubtedly the 12-70mm F2.8 lens will get a warm welcome from all professional and advance armature photographers worldwide. The lens covers a very cleaver focal length and features fixed aperture throughout the zoom range.

via – 43rumors

4 comments to List of Panasonic Upcoming Lenses

  • Abhishek Chakravarthy

    I wish it was as 12-100 f2.8

  • Joel

    Is there a dedicated “Lumix” brand macro?
    Yes, Olympus is known for their 60mm on MFT.

  • Brian Cullen

    All these zooms, still no Leica ultra wide prime 12mm or less, 10mm or 8mm f1.4 would be great. We also need a telephoto prime for portraits, 58 or 62mm f1.4 is best.
    The old Leica primes need an update:
    25mm (weather sealing, aperture ring, auto focus noise and performance, AF/MF switch, sharpness)
    15mm (slightly larger body, weather sealing, f1.4)
    12mm (sharpness in centre and the edges downgrade appetite to a sharper f1.4)
    All of these lenses need an improved manual focus motor and software to make them comparable at least with the cheaper Sign DC DN lenses.

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