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Fujifilm X30 is Not Coming with 1 inch Sensor

Fuji-X30-img Earlier it was expected that Fuji will increase sensor size of  Xxx series (X10, X20) compact camera form 2/3″ to i” inch, but according to the latest rumors surfaced over the web the upcoming Fuji X30 camera sensor size will remain same as X20 (2/3″ X-trans sensor), yes it is a disappointment for those who are waiting for a 1 inch sensor based compact camera from fuji, the expected announcement date of Fuji X30 is September 2014.

Still the available (and old) Fuji X20 is one the best selling compact camera from fuji and it is one of the world smallest camera that comes without low-pass filter, hence you get excellent image output from the X20 compared to compact camera of the same price range.

The other rumored products that fuji may announce this year are the long rumored Fujifilm XT1b or XT2 camera that will feature 4K recording option, Fujifilm X100T / X200 and X-PRO2

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2 comments to Fujifilm X30 is Not Coming with 1 inch Sensor

  • john

    Very disappointing – and I think it will really cost Fuji in sales – now the Panasonic LX7 update possibly LX8 will have a 1 inch sensor and Touch LCD etc – Sony has improved their RX100 with RX100m3 with a fast lens and 1 inch sensor –
    The fuji X20/20 has a faster lens but that will not be enough in the marketing game –
    The X20 is also a much larger body then that of the Panasonic LX7/8 and the Sony RX100/2/3 –
    So a disappoint news – so I expect maybe a tiltable LCD maybe a EVF vs the optical one – and maybe an On/Off button as the start by lens has issues – I also expect they will have a 3 inch display which will remove the buttons on the left – so I fully expect that it will have fewer buttons and no Fn button –
    Amazing that fuji cannot but a larger sensor in that body – the body is large enough to house a larger lens – Sony has showed that it is possible to put a 24-70mm F2.8 in a much smaller body so why could Fuji not put a 1 inch sensor with the same lens or a bit larger lens with the same as current focal length ?
    I will be focusing on the Panasonic LX8 when it comes out – hoping it will have a bit longer range then 24-70mm F2.8 – rumor has it – it does. and of course the 1nich ExmorR sensor from Sony and 4K recording etc.
    I think the new Fuji XQ1 was a poor update of the XF1 – and I expect the X30 to be the same a pooooor update – Fuji on the wrong track

  • Hi john,

    Thanks for letting us know that you will be focusing on the Panasonic LX8. I was wondering what you would be focusing on (I was actually losing sleep over it) and I am sure that others were as well.

    P.S.: I will sleep very well tonight, thanks again.

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