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Conversion of Canon EOS 5Ds series into mirrorless [Rumor]

Conversion of Canon EOS 5ds series into mirrorless, the most trusted old reputed rumor mill is talking about the conversion of 5ds series into mirrorless.

All these kinds of rumours are not new, just prior to Canon 6D Mark II camera announcement we have received same kind of information from another rumor mill that there is possibility that Canon 6D series may converted into mirrorless but that doesn’t happen.

 Cannibalization of DSLRs

Canon told us in the beginning of this year that they will going to do some cannibalization in DSLRs for promoting their mirrorless lineup. We have seen it also, the Canon EOS M50 Camera specification is superior than Canon flaghship DSLR Canon 7D Mark II. And as you know that Canon EOS M50 is is a mid-range Mirrorless. However after the discontinuation of the Canon 7D Mark II camera we are expecting a quick announcement of 7D III.

It’s Doesn’t mean they will kill DSLR so Soon

Leaving on these discussion behind, I just want to inform you that Canon will not going to kill its DSLR line very soon, may be after 10 years it is possible, but not for now. Yes, there are some challenges in creating high resolution dual pixel CMOS autofocus sensor while maintaining the dynamic range at same time. So there is a big possibility that due to the dynamic range issue in the dual pixel CMOS autofocus sensor Canon is delaying the update of new Canon 5DS Mark II camera. .

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3 comments to Conversion of Canon EOS 5Ds series into mirrorless [Rumor]

  • Marcus

    Rumors are only rumors.

    Fact is, that a mirrorless camera with more megapixels and a new high magapixel DSLR is out for testing. But noone know until know, of both cameras hit the market or not.

    I don’t believe that pros prefer the R high megapixel version over the DSLR version because the mirrorless camera is to small for the big whites, most of the pros like me hate adaptors, pros like me had a lot of CF cards, and you can take a much smaller amount of images with one battery.

    I’m convinced, that Canon put a 5DS(r), 5D Mark V, 1DX Mark III and 7D Mark III on the market and will release new EF lenses for the cameras. I’m convinced too, that most of the hobby photographers will switch to a mirrorless camera, while a lot of pros will prefer a DSLR camera.

  • Rainer

    Marcus, I am with you (an old grey enthusiastic, owning Fuji X-T2)

  • Dave Haynie

    It’s kind of silly to talk already about Canon someday abandoing DSLR. Sure, mirrorless is a hot item, but it’s only just ten years old in the industry. Companies that wanted to be in the ILC market but didn’t want the direct competition with Canon/Nikon went to mirrorless as an advantage. But that didn’t kill DSLR, it simply created one more option on the market.

    And that wasn’t all they did. Companies like Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic, and Sony didn’t simply make mirrorless cameras, they innovated. Better 4K video, real camera firmware upgrades with new features, new functions for still shooting, etc. That’s another reason mirrorless did well. And it’s not as if Canon or Nikon couldn’t have done likewise, but even in mirrorless, Canon is still crippling their 4K video.

    So for awhile, anyway, the dust is still settling. At some point, it’ll stabilize, and I bet that DSLRs are still at thing when we’re done. Some photographers will simply prefer them. But they’ll need to improve to keep pace with mirrorless.

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