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Firmware Update

Canon 7D Mark III Announcement Soon

It’s look like the stock pipeline of Canon 7D Mark II is now cleared-up and Canon officially discontinued  Canon 7D Mark II camera. So, we do expect within next two months we will have a official announcement of Canon 7D Mark III camera from Canon.

At the time, I am writing this post we do not have any confirmed set of specification coming from rocksolid sources. However there are lot of different set of specification floating over the web, a group of pundits thinks that the upcoming APS-C camera will carry 30MP sensor resolution since, we have seen a Jump in resolution from Canon 5D III to 5DIV, well we can’t deny any rumors right now. However we are putting up a set rumored specs we have  received a while ago, Just take a look

Canon 7D Mark III Rumored Specification

  1. 24 / 30 megapixels with improved dynamic range and low light performance compare 80d DSLR camera.
  2. Next Generation of Dual Pixel CMOS AF Tech
  3. And with the introduction of Dual Digic 8 image processor.
  4. Continuous shooting up to 20 frames per second with the help of Electronic shutter.
  5. 14 FPS with AF tracking
  6. low light performance up to ISO 102400 / 204800.
  7. Introduction of 4K in canon 90d with dual pixel CMOS AF support.
  8. New generation of RAW as well as C-RAW files as it has been introduced with Canon EOS M50 camera
  9. Rear Variangle LCD screen.

Canon 7D Mark II stands no where when we look at the core specification of the recently announced Fuji X-T3 camera and Panasonic G9. Canon should update is desperately as soon as possible.

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3 comments to Canon 7D Mark III Announcement Soon

  • subrato

    Canon 7D Mark III is need of the moment. I am using Canon 80D camera and and I also create youtube videos, but without 4K support I feel bit obsolete. We are paying a decent price to Canon but still we are not getting the tech in reasonable time frame as well as cost.

  • I.Muñoz-Seca

    From my point of view, the most urgent thing I have to bring / incorporate the long-awaited, desired, desired, desired, 7D3 is a BSI-CMOS sensor as the competition and leave in the storage of memories once and for all Conventional CMOS (The difference of acutancia or detail is more than evident between one and another type of sensor). Whether or not I have incorporated IBIS technology does not matter to me.

    Of the other hardware features, software that will incorporate the future APS-C PRO of Canon I assume, that marked a before and after. It will be the CIRCLE QUADRATURE.

    Desde mi punto de vista, lo más urgente he importante que debe traer/ incorporar la tan esperada, anhelada, deseada, ansiada, 7D3 es un sensor BSI-CMOS como la competencia y dejar en el trastero de los recuerdos de una vez por todas los CMOS convencionales.( La diferencia de acutancia o del detalle es más que evidente entre uno y otro tipo de sensor ). Que tenga o no tecnología IBIS incorporada me da igual =.
    De las demás características hardware, software que incorporara la futura APS-C PRO de Canon doy por hecho, que marcara un antes y un después. Será la CUADRATURA del CIRCULO

  • seems DSLR is not dead. At least if you do want two card slots 😉

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