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Canon SX740HS - Canon First Compact Camera with 4K

Canon finally announced the Canon SX 740 HS compact zoom camera. The camera features and massive 40x optical zoom lens that gives you equivalent focal length up to 1000 mm lens in full frame format. Let’s talk about the sensor off the camera the sensor is a small as you have seen in your smartphones but I do have bit broad ISO range that is upto 3200.

The Other important features of this camera is optical image stabilization which is up to 5 stops. The camera is able to do face tracking very effectively even you are using the 40x optical zoom of the camera. The other thing is the dedicated modes that arrived with the camera the landscape The Portrait and the micro mode bit more advanced compared to the previous generation of compact camera.

Most importantly the camera is the first Canon camera to feature 4K video recording mode. And while digging into the details I have found that, if you are using the 64GB memory card then the camera can record 4K videos upto 30 minutes without a single break. If you are using memory cards of 32GB or less than that, then youre 4K video files will going to be split into 4GB packets and later on they will going to be mergedd in the camera.

Literally speaking this is one of the finest compact camera I have ever seen to record 4K video If you are using a 64 GB memory card with it.

You can record 2 hours 20 minutes of full HD videos at 60 frames per second If you are using 64 GB memory card with Canon SX 740 HS camera, but the clip limit of the full HD video files as well as 4K video files is approx 30 minutes so you have to keep that in your mind.

The LCD display screen in the camera useful little table and helps you while taking selfie is are creating self videos.


4 comments to Canon SX740HS – Canon First Compact Camera with 4K

  • Dave Haynie

    Almost certainly a 1/2.3″ sensor, which is a tiny bit larger than your smartphone sensor, unless you have a Sony. Or an older Nokia, or the Huawei P20 Pro. The problem here is that a 20 megapixel sensor at 1/2.3″ is already diffraction limited at f/3.3. You’ll never get an honest 20 megapixels, but it’s fine for 4K video. And necessary to keep up with every other vendor of P&S cameras. 4K has been standard in other cameras for years.

    The real question: does Canon screw up their 4K in this model? Just curious, because they have in each and every other still camera with 4K that Canon makes so far. Are they finally starting to understand that Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, etc. are competition. Hell, even my Olympus TG-5 has 4K video. As do most smartphones from the last 2-3 years.

  • Bret Busby in Australia

    The 4K video is not significant for this type of camera, which is predominantly a still image camera. The 1920 x 1080 video resolution is more than enough. I watch videos on the Internet, at 1280 x 720, and that is plenty good enough video resolution.

    What would be more significant, and, more useful, would be a resolution of 40MP (well, the model number IS SX740) for still images.

    Nikon does not have a camera to compete with the SX720, yet, as the optical zoom range for the SX720, goes out to 960mm, which is quite long, for a pocket camera.

    Not, there is still no reason to upgrade from an SX720, given that the still image resolution is still only 20MP, the same as the SX720.

  • subrato

    Canon finally understand the importance of Video in cameras… that’s a good thing

  • Juergen

    Unbelievable, years after their competition Canon delivers. 4K is a standard feature in cameras since about 2-3 years, needed or not. I´m not a videographer, but delivering a proven state-of-the-art feature within new cameras was and is one of my requirements and points for a buying decision. That´s why I changed to Sony after 15 years Canon and investing a lot of money into L-Lenses and several different 5D´s.

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