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Firmware Update

Canon Patent Hexapixel CMOS AF Sensor

new-dual-pixel-cmos-afLatest patent document surfaced over the website egami shows Canon HEXA PIXEL Cmos AF sensor, the technology will utilize both phase and contrast based AF method for fast AF system, this may be also a advance form of Dual-pixel CMOS AF tech, but at the moment we don’t have any confirmation…

Take a look at the patent details translated by google

Patent Publication No. 2015-121778

  • Published 2015.7.2
  • Filing date 2013.11.21

Canon patents

  • Image plane phase difference AF using 16 sub-pixels
  • Light field contrast AF that uses a
  • It does focus adjustment (Microadjustment) from the difference between the image plane phase difference AF and contrast AF

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