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Canon 6D vs. Nikon D600 - High ISO Test

Canon 6D vs. Nikon D600 High ISO Test done by focus-numerique, the High ISO test result was as expected, the Canon 6D images have less noise at high ISO compared to Nikon D600.

Canon 6D vs Nikon D600 High ISO Test

The JPEG engine or Digic V image processor of Canon is advance and remove noise at High ISO better than Nikon D600, we have no comments about RAW file (you can download the RAW files at Focus Numerique and judge yourself).

Canon 6D have more standard ISO range but Nikon D600 have better AF system, See the specification comparison review of Canon 6D vs Nikon D600 also see recent updates about Nikon D600 sensor dust issue.


9 comments to Canon 6D vs. Nikon D600 – High ISO Test

  • Jack

    Thanks very, very much for these high iso comparison tests.
    From the looks of it, it is fairly conclusive that the 6D is vastly superior to D600, makes the latter look like garbage!

  • Dyun

    How can you compare ISO of the 6D and D600 when the 6D RAW files are not yet supported? There’s no knowing how much noise suppression is being delivered to the Canon 6D JPEG files compared to the D600. When you’re finally able to view the 6D RAW files and compare them to the D600 RAW files, that’s when you can make a fair comparison. I’ll wait for the DPreview and DXO Mark results.

  • Roldz

    DxoMark 6d score just came out and is top out by D600..

    So whoever mentioned 6d as far superior in high iso is in grevious err.. Lolz

  • Anon

    You do realize that DXOMark is kind of dubious with their tests, right? As in, their results don’t represent real world use.


    Check anywhere. The 6D has better ISO performance in sorry to inform you.

  • Roldz

    You can take it as u like, i mostly use it as a benchmark/research tool for a dslr I plan on purchasing and so far it’s been true to its tested result when use in real world as I’ve come to exp.

    Now if u can show me a link of real world use comparison between these two in full supported raw files software conversions that likely suggest 6d is by far superior to d600 in usable high Iso, say 3200 – 6400 then I’d likely agree with u – truth I doubt you’d find such comparison with such findings.

    Ether way $2300 ($1800 body/ $499.99 lens) + tax for a d600 and 50 1.4g makes me a very happy buyer. Win-Win..

  • […] we look at previous comparison and this one (above) one thing is clear, the High ISO JPEG Images of Canon 6D is better than Nikon […]

  • nori

    It is JPEG, which means the default noise reduction on canon side is far higher than nikon. As for real test, in RAW, nikon win by the higher dynamic range (which means lower noise on darker areas).

  • JI

    To the unsophisticated viewer, the Canon seems better. But one with a better eye and understanding what the 6D is doing in these samples, will see more detail and dynamic range in the Nikon. Try pushing the shadow detail of the Canon and see the image completely fall apart. The glossy, mushy, smooth image in the Canon is unnatural and is NOT better.

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