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Canon 5DS R vs. Sony A7R

Canon-EOS-5DS-R-vs.-Sony-A7R-1Both camera are megapixel monsters, the 5DS R announced shortly and its shipping will start soon on the other hand the Sony A7R is a year old camera.

Major Difference

Canon EOS 5DS R vs. Sony Alpha 7R Specification Comparison Table.

Canon EOS 5DS R vs. Sony Alpha 7R 5 

Sensor: The 5DS R camera features super high resolution fullframe sensor developed by Canon itself, the Sony A7R features 36MP sensor, so if you are a commercial photographer and need more resolution.. you must go with Canon 5DSR

AF system: The Canon 5DS R features advance AF system compared to the Sony A7R.

  • The Canon 5DSR features Phase+Contrast based AF system, while you are using the viewfinder the Phase AF system is active and when using the display for still shots or video recording , contrast detect AF system is active. Now if we talk about the phase AF module of Canon 5DS R, it is a 61-point High Density Reticular AF system with up to 41 cross-type AF points, the phase AF system of Canon is blazing fast and acquire AF to quick despite of lighting condition.
  • The Sony A7R features contrast detect AF system, hence without doubt the Sony A7R contrast detect system is bit weak compared to Canon 5DS R camera.

ISO range: The ISO range of the Canon 5DS R camera is limited to 12800 due to intense resolution, the Sony can move forward to one-stop more .. that’s upto 25600, so Sony will sure give you bit better low light images with less details compared to 5DS R (due to difference in resolution)

Top Continuous shooting speed: The Dual digic 6 image processor of the Canon 5DS R is tooo fast compared to the Sony Bionz X R image processor, the 5DS Can record 50MP of still images @ 5 fps per second and Sony A7R can record 36MP of images at 4fps per second.

Display: The display screen of Sony A7R has 3.0″ Tiltable TFT LCD with 1,229K-Dots whereas Canon EOS 5DS R has 3.2″ 1,040K-Dot ClearView II LCD Monitor. The 5DS R camera features better display unit compared to A7 R.

Battery life: By charging battery for single time you shoot 700 images through Canon EOS 5DS R which is not possible in case of Sony A7R, since it is limited to 340 images.

Wireless: The in built WiFi and NFC feature only exists in Sony A7R camera but you cannot enjoy this these features in Canon EOS 5DS R. By help of wireless connectivity you can easily attach your camera with smartphone or transfer you image to smart devices wirelessly.

Price difference: The Canon 5DS R camera will cost you approx $3,899.00 and Sony A7R will cost your approx $2,298.00, you will save approx $1600 is you buy Sony A7R.

Weight: The weight of Sony A7R is light weight as compared to Canon EOS 5DS R. If you see in above table the weight of Sony A7R is only 465 gram whereas weight of Canon EOS 5DS R has 930 gram. So it is very handy to carry Sony A7R in your hand.

Verdict: Canon 5DS R features more resolution, advance phase detect AF system and fast continuous shooting speed and bunch of high R quality lenses to choose from, we highly recommend you to buy Canon 5DS R camera.

Sony A7r from Amazon | B&H || Buy Canon 5DS R from Amazon | B&H

3 comments to Canon 5DS R vs. Sony A7R

  • Eager to see Sony’s new 50MP E-mount camera. It will be a battle between Sony and Canon!

  • Marcus

    It’s not only a battle between sensors. It’s also a battle between the lenses, the AF system, the shutte cycle, the writing speed, the battery live …

    If you have a lot of gear you can’t switch because a lot of money get lost.

    The Sony camera maybe appear in the 4th quarter of 2015 or early in 2016. If you have canon lenses and need a replacement now for your work you can’t wait what Sony is doing.

  • Marcus

    If you often use the display you can’t take 700 images with the EOS 5DsR. You get only 500 images or less.

    I am happy that the 5DsR don’t have WIFI, because the 5DsR is a battery eating camera. With WIFI on board the amount of possible images you can take with one battery is a big step under 700 images.

    I have the new A7R too. The camera is much smaller than the 5DsR and has less weight, but it’s a mess to put big lenses in front of the camera (even with the additional battery grip).

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