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Firmware Update

Olympus E-M5 III More Details Leaked

Let’s talk about the Olympus E-M5 Mark III camera, according to latest details leaked via Russian wireless certification agency Olympus E-M5 mark II camera will have 2 more variants other than body only options. Take a look at the details once again

Olympus E-M5 III Upcoming Product Code Details

  • Olympus E-M5 III body only product code – IM016
  • Olympus E-M5 III body with kit lens (option 1) – IM016A
  • Olympus E-M5 III body with kit lens (option 1) – IM016B

We will update you soon as we get any new information related to upcoming Olympus E-M5 III camera.


Olympus E-M5 III Coming in August / September 2019

According to latest rumors Olympus will be releasing Olympus E-M5 III camera in August / September 2019.
Back on March 2019 Olympus itself confirmed that they will be soon releasing Olympus E-M5 Mark III camera with Pro Lenses.

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Olympus Patent ASTRO TRACER


In an recent patent application published by japanese website egami we came to know that Olympus is working on ASTRO TRACER, with the help of built-in image stabilization system the camera will automatically move its sensor to  trace and capture multiple exposure while tracking a subject.

We hope we will soon see the new Astro Tracer technology in upcoming Olympus E-M5 III camera 🙂

ASTRO-TRACER--imgTake a look at the details below translated by google.

Explanation and self-interpretation of the patent literature

  • Patent Publication No. 2015-73199
    • Published 2015.4.16
    • Filing date 2013.10.2
  • Olympus patents
    • Celestial body (mobile) and the ground (stationary body) is capable of shooting a subject that mixed
    • Multiple exposure while tracking a subject
    • From the information in the shift such as level and the imaging element, seek the position shift amount of the object
    • And correcting the position deviation of the moving body
    • Stationary body is additive synthesis
    • Mobile comparison Akira synthetic or averaging synthesis after the position shift correction

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src – egami