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Sony RX1R III to Feature 5 axis IS and 4K Video


I have received piece of information of week ago but I have not decided to publish it until I received more confirmation related to the same from different sources. Today I have seen a rumor mill published article related to Sony RX1R II successor and according to him the Camera is expected to arrive soon. Sony does registered few camera in different worldwide wireless certification agency and one of the camera among them with reg code WW620081 is expected to be next potential FF compact camera from Sony.

The latest price drop can be considered as an indication that Sony is preparing for the launch successor of popular RX1R II camera and for that they are clearing the stockpile camera in different online for retail stores worldwide.

Sony RX1R III to Feature 5 axis IS and 4K Video

We have received info from tipster Nomen Nescio an while ago according to him the upcoming Sony full frame compact camera will going to feature 5 Axis image stabilization system and the other most important Feature is Introduction of 4K video.

He told nothing about new sensor or new lens, so there is a possibility that even in next version of the camera we will going to see the same 42 megapixel sensor of Sony RX1 R2.

We will going to share information soon if we get any.

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1 comment to Sony RX1R III to Feature 5 axis IS and 4K Video

  • terry stahly

    A7RIII/A9 battery & AF and eye focus should be the first priority. Sadly it is not a pocketble camera with that giant lens on it so add a flash and make the camera .25 wider and .5 taller and add a RSS type baseplate option so it is not so awkward and unbalanced aka nose heavy. 10FPS or more and the benefits of the latest sensor technology are all welcome upgrades.

    I bought the II and quickly returned it because it wasn’t a true pocketable camera and bought the Leica Q and use my RX100V for a pocket camera.

    I like the Q if they bump it up to 36MP as I expect in the Q2 I do not see another RX1R in my future. A flash could change that however. If they ever bump the MP up to 60 or 72MP Sony would be well served to switch to a 28mm like the Q with crop modes for 35 50 & 70mm.

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