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Sony A and E Mount Camera Coming on Q1 and Q2 of 2014 [Rumor]


Sony Hybrid SLT

According to latest rumors during first half of 2014 Sony will introduce two new FF mirrorless camera (one with 4K support), + we also have some good news for APS-C users Sony A77 and Sony NEX 7 successor is also coming in Q1 & Q2 of 2014 with new sensor, Advance AF system and Hybrid viewfinder.

So take a look at the rumor camera round-up

  •  Two New FF A-mount cameras, one certainly with 4K video recording. Sony may also announce a affordable entry level fullframe camera with NEX 5 body design in late 2014 or early 2015. (see patent here).
  •  One new APS-C A-mount SLT.  (A77 Successor).
  •  There will be a new NEX-7 successor too (E-Mount)

If we look at the list we feel that Sony is fully prepared for 2014 to make a sonic-boom in camera industry… the only thing left to  fill up is the amount of high-quality lenses required by professional photographers.

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2 comments to Sony A and E Mount Camera Coming on Q1 and Q2 of 2014 [Rumor]

  • Harry Kemball

    I put off buying the A99 because of reports of soft images, so will there be a fine tuned A99 in 2014? I had all my Switar lenses colluminated to the Bolex body years back. Is this the same problem?

  • Hi Harry, I use All kinds of Sony Cameras. Have a A99 & done Family portraits, Weddings & commercial using the French lenses & Carl Zeiss Jena older lenses. It takes excellent super sharp pictures every time. You will have to go to my FB to see them.
    Camera Sony A99 is an excellent Camera.
    May be the photographer was soft not the Camera picture.

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