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Should Canon and Nikon Announce Medium Format Mirrorless Camera?

Photokina is over and the biggest announcement of the show according to me is Fuji GFX50S (announcement page here). To compete against Fuji GF50S and to save DSLRs & Lenses sale they both should announce a Medium Format as well as Fullframe sensor based Mirrorless system cameras.

Losing battle ground silently


If you don’t have a product then people will get it from a different manufacturers. If you want to get a fullframe mirrorless camera you have only one option – select a camera from Sony A7 series.  And If we want to get a Compact Medium format mirrorless camera then we have Hasselblad X1D or Fuji GFX 50S as option in our front.


The the graph you see above clearly shows us how Sony emerged as the leader of Mirrorless camera industry. The stats taken from market research firm NPD. According to the research team Sony has emerged as the un-disputed #1 mirrorless camera maker for the last four years running.

Fact of the matter is Digital Camera do attracting more investors and young age photographers. Due to less availability of quality Mirrorless and Affordable options in CanNikon FF group user moving towards Sony and other third party manufactures.

Ignorance is bliss – Until you hit the ground

Nikon does have (only 1) Medium Format Lens Patents (See hereArticle published at Sep 2013). And surprisingly Canon isn’t interested in Medium Format. Again, Just like fullframe mirrorless market ruled by Sony. It’s look like in upcoming years either Fuji, Hasselblad or Sony will take over the Medium format Mirrorless Market.

Do share you thoughts with us

17 comments to Should Canon and Nikon Announce Medium Format Mirrorless Camera?

  • Marcus

    I’m happy with Hasselblad and PhaseOne.

    If Canon release a medium format camera, then she shutter is rated with 150.000 shots (and not with one million shots, the latest SD cards are not supported, they put a lot of junk (functions that no pro need) into the camera and the image quality can’t reacht the IQ of Hasselblad and PhaseOne.

    On the other side has Canon no lens that is able to handle resolutions over 100 MP.

    Sony make no sense, because Sony had NO service and no usable user manual.

  • Nikku

    I will welcome any medium format camera from Canon and I sure buy it also, but the big question is will canon ever make a medium format mirrorless camera ?

    If you look at the speed they are moving they have taken more than 4 years to develop Canon 5D Mark IV and surprisingly the camera record 4K video in crop mode…. no Clog file support or RAW 4k.

    Canon intentionally pulling out videographers to cinema line.

  • Richard Hearing

    To me no but they do need to inovate their exsisting cameras memory cards conection to wifi uploading to your computer to your photoediting software touch screens perhaps apps within simpler firmware updates via wifi to recapture the imagination of the people who buy their products

  • Dr No

    at this point Canon is forced to release the fabled EOS 3D. They have been developing a 250MP sensor, they have to get their act because Sony is about to release the 72MP a9 soon.

  • Dr No

    Fuji is also about the destroy the Medium Format market. Their 50S is the first in a RANGE of cameras.

  • Failed Baggins

    Medium Format cameras are BIG and slow. I use a 1DX for corporate work and have an a7rll as spare and for field work. A few months ago some colleagues and I were photographing a formal private event in London. One of my colleagues brought his Hasselblad. 648 frames from my 1DX – 408 useable, 181 – publishable (thought I did very well!). 127 from my a7rll – 41 useable, 24 publishable. The Hasselblad about 75 shots – 70 usable, 60 publishable! The Medium format was far too slow, heavy and cumbersome but its IQ made the 1DX and a7rll IQ look like micro 4/3rds with a stock lens. The real problem for the Hasselblad was the glass – big and heavy so even with development of smaller lighter medium format cameras the glass will be a limiting factor. The present medium format manufacturers have the studio environment sawn up so where would the profits from new medium format come from?

  • Khaled

    Why should I shift to midum formate, with crazey expensive price for both body and lenes, with very limited varity of lenses and accesiores, without considerable improvement in dynamic range, while I can easily get wide variety with cost effective bodies, lenses, filters and the like in full fame world?

    When these manufacturers stop this crazy high resolution race and start offering reasonable products, I may consider shifting.

  • Distance isn't an issue

    Your write up is all over the show and shows terrible analytical skills.
    1) Show evidence that the DSLR market is SHRINKING! You can not. What you can show is the number of sales of new cameras becoming less, maybe DSLR has hit it’s peak and is just staying level, can you prove otherwise?

    2) Linux is a faster growing OS than Windows. But look at the market size, Windows is massive where as Linux is tiny. Mirrorless is clearly going to be the faster growing market, but the question is, will mirrorless peak at the same level as DSLR?

    3) Mirrorless market is successful without much sales of medium format mirrorless. This new fuji isn’t going to be cheap, it won’t make many sales, so why would Nikon and canon want to get involved in a medium format mirrorless market that has a tiny market size? If the production price can be brought down so they become more affordable, THEN these two companies will look to invest in that market, something I’d love to see happen.

    4) Why don’t you show a graph that shows the % of increased sales that Nikon has in their other markets like the V/J1 for example.

    You are confusing yourself by bringing together a mismatch of information, and asking the wrong questions. Please either learn or leave analytical work.

  • sonyARII

    @Distance isn’t an issue

    You are talking about analytical skills.

    Where the hell anyone can get analytics of Canon / Nikon Medium format Mirrorless camera Vs Fuji / Hassy

    Or may be you are talking about analytical skills Canon Fullframe Mirrorless vs Sony A7 series camera

    You want to get the data of passenger jets vs Boeing sales since they both fly ?

    Mirrorless and DSLRs, both belongs to different segments and consumer base.

  • Stella

    I was at Photokina this week and tried the new Fuji GFX50S camera

    1. The Fuji GFX50S AF is a contrast based camera
    2. AF speed is terribly slow.
    3. Fuji representative said the camera + kit lens will cost you $10K

    MF camera are too expensive right now for consumer reach but soon they will, once the Fuji announces GFX 100S with X-Trans Sensor (Photokina 2018) the GFX50S will get a big price drop (as far as I think)

  • John R

    My personal interest in mirrorless has more to do with decreasing size/weight while (hopefully) maintaining image quality. To me, that means (initially) going to full frame mirrorless. I saw the Leica SL as the perfect, if pricier, option, until I realized that it’s bigger and heavier than my 5D, which defeats the purpose for me.

    So I would like to see Canon (and Nikon too) introduce and perfect full frame mirrorless options FIRST. Once they do that, then maybe consider medium format – and then, maybe, I’ll be interested.

  • Canonpro

    Yes, I will sure buy Canon Mediumd format mirrorless. Count me in.

  • Neal

    Why camera giants Canon, Nikon doesn’t have any MF solution till now? I am a owner of XF 100MP Camera System and the details you get from it is matchless. Once you get your hands on a MF system camera you won’t touch any smaller sensor for sure.

  • Mak.S

    Interested in buying Canon Medium Format Camera.

  • Phase One, Hasselblad, Fujifilm, … why should anyone buy Canon or Nikon Medium Format? – Canikon would have to develop lenses for those…

  • Valentin ursache

    Depending on the fujifilm gfx price…if its 6000 dollars than they should

  • Marcus

    I agree 100% percent to Neal. I love the XF 100MP too. I use the MF for my work and have never regret it. The 1DX Mark II and the 5D Mark IV are only for my private fun and for traveling. But after my shutter died after 131.000 shots I’going to sell this piece of junk that is called 5D Mark IV.

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