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Samsung NX1 LX Rumors

Samsung-NX1-LX-comingIf we believe the rumors, Samsung will soon announce a low-resolution version of current NX1 camera with more sensitivity, the NX1 LX prototypes are out for testing and said to have better dynamic range and low-light performance compared to NX1. The Samsung NX1 LX can also record 4K videos at 60 frames per second, the body is 10% lighter than the current NX1 camera.

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5 comments to Samsung NX1 LX Rumors

  • I, Max

    Seems to me that when trying to break into a market, find something no one else is doing well enough and excel at that. Sony and Canon both cripple the video of their “cheaper” cameras so as not to threaten their expensive ones. Panasonic does wonderful things but 4/3 sensors keep hitting their heads against the ISO ceiling. Samsung doesn’t have to worry about this. It can throw its substantial war chest at creating a truly great video camera that also takes terrific low light stills. If they’re really serious about getting a foothold in the camera world, Samsung should make a low-light, high DR monster, 12MP at most–and provided they somehow fix the lens predicament they’ve put themselves in, they could own the video end of the digital camera market within two years.

    If this rumor is true I would seriously consider selling all my Sony gear and switching to Samsung. A couple of questions though: would the new body fix the current lens mount problem where MetaBones and other adapters aren’t able to attach non-Samsung lenses? Will there be a higher quality, larger file compression than the current NX1? And will the swivel screen be touch focus?

  • LOL

    youre a retard if you sell your sony gears for this lol

  • I, Max

    Nice punctuation, troll. And don’t say the R word, for God’s sake. It’s 2015.

  • Richard

    If they want to absolutely wipe out the market, they should release Samsung NX1 body with native Canon EF lens mount mount built-in!!!
    Or be the first company to design a fully-functional interchangeable lens mount system for their camera bodies, that would support Nikon DX, Canon EF / EF-S, Samsung NX, etc. so you don’t need any extra 3rd party adaptors like Metabones, etc.

  • admin

    Richard, I agree with you.

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