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Firmware Update

Release Date and Price of Tamron 150-600mm F5-6.3 Di VC USD SP Lens


Release Date and Price of Tamron F/5-6.3 Di VC USD SP 150-600mm Lens announced in Japan today, the lens features E-band coating, ultrasonic motor USD for FAST AF, shake correction mechanism” VC.  Suggested retail price 140,000 (147,000 yen including tax) Approx $1351.00 in USA, Available from December 19, 2013 in Japan / (for Canon) || No details available about USA, see the press release below…

Tamron Japan Press Release

Super-telephoto zoom lens new sale to cover up to 150 ~ 600mm breakthrough “SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di VC USD (Model A011)”

EBAND coating latest ※ 1) and, by adopting abnormal low dispersion glass (LD) of three, achieve high optical performance. It opens the possibility of handheld shooting, camera shake correction mechanism “VC” ※ 2) It is equipped with.

Tamron Co., Ltd. of comprehensive optical equipment manufacturer (President: Morio Ono, Head Office: Saitama City) is released to cover up to 600mm from 150mm, a super-telephoto zoom lens.

200-500mm of sale now (Model A08) lens, has been praised as a super-telephoto zoom lens that it is easy to use with a small size, but from many of our customers, and now I have a request of further focal length expansion on the one hand were. Camera shake correction mechanism “VC” ※ 2) ultrasonic motor to achieve high-speed AF “USD” ※ 3) inhibit significantly the reflection of light that causes deployment of, flare, ghost, coating technology of advanced “eBAND coating (E-band coating) ” ※ 1) , In addition, the use of a new exterior design with a sense of quality, has completed an entirely new super-telephoto zoom lens. Spread freely area of image expression with telephoto shots, 150-600mm will attract photographers.


Product Name Price / Release Date
SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di VC USD (Model A011)
for Canon
Suggested retail price 140,000 (147,000 yen including tax)
released from (Thursday) / Japan December 19, 2013

(Pre-release Japanese market, overseas markets will be released sequentially) will release 140,000 yen suggested retail price (including tax 147,000 yen) for the Canon on December 19, 2013.
Nikon, Sony for  4) will be released sequentially.

Product Features

  1. 4x zoom lens to cover the 150-600mm focal zone, which is frequently used in super-telephoto shooting
    By 50mm wide-angle side, to extend 100mm telephoto side compared to the existing models, in the photographing wild life and wild birds, sports, planes, and the like, further shooting a powerful became possible. In addition, it becomes a ,233-930mm is mounted on the digital single-lens reflex camera with an APS-C size sensor, the focal length with power on the heels of focal length 1000mm.
  2. Visual quality of top class
    lens configuration 20 sheets 13 group. With advanced optical design, balance resolution performance, the contrast performance is good, I realize the picture quality sharp and clear. LD: By two to one group three (Low Dispersion abnormally low dispersion) lens, and one in three groups, to be placed in the front group with high correction effect, I thoroughly correct the axial chromatic aberration, which is a problem in telephoto shooting we have. In addition, eBAND coating was developed by coating technology of advanced  1) and, by using effectively the BBAR conventional coatings, and suppresses ghost and flare to a large extent.
  3. Even while extending up to 600mm tele side, we kept the size of the lens.
    A laborer of optical design, and managed to keep to a minimum during zooming (inside the lens) the amount of movement of each lens group. Further, by suppressing the amount of movement, to reduce the movement amount of the lens barrel, thereby contributing to the compactness of the lens housing.
  4. Beautiful depiction blurred
    blur to enrich photographic expression. I adopt a circular aperture diaphragm blades with nine, I realized the beautiful blurred depiction. To the state narrowed down two stages from open aperture, I keep the shape of a substantially circular aperture.
  5. “VC (Vibration Compensation)” camera shake correction to increase the chance of handheld shooting  2) equipped with mechanism
    employs a three coil system Tamron’s own, I show high correction effect. I will increase the opportunities for hand-held shooting in super-telephoto.
  6. Comfort AF
    order to improve the accuracy and speed AF, ultrasonic motor “USD”  3) is adopted to achieve high-torque, high response and quietness. Full-time manual mechanism mounted, fine adjustment of the focus in the manual is also available in Autofocus mode.
  7. Adopt a new look design with a high-quality neat
    we have developed a new look design with the aim of lens that is appropriate for the magnificent full-size digital single-lens reflex camera, enhanced the texture of each part.
    I’ve realized and brand of tungsten silver ring with the focus ring and zoom ring that employs a sophisticated grid pattern of straight line trend, the heavy texture, appearance design classy neat.
  8. Tripod easy to operate
    to pursue the stability of the tripod when mounted, robustness, improved operability, the ease of portability, we have significantly improved the tripod mount.
  9. Comes with SILKYPIX Developer Studio for Tamron Tamron SP lens-only version of
    the “SILKYPIX Developer Studio”, from the RAW data taken by a digital camera, developing and taste adjust white balance, color, sharpness, tone curve, such as a high-quality image It is software to be. In addition to the adjusted basic functions, so we have a (lateral chromatic aberration, distortion, peripheral brightness) functions each aberration correction based on the optical data of the lens, Tamron SP lens-only version, Tamron SP to exhibit a high imaging performance You can efficiently work making along the drawing intention in taking advantage of in conjunction with the series lens.

(※ 1) new coating which made ​​full use of nanotechnology “eBAND coating (E-band coating)” of (Extended Bandwidth & Angular-Dependency Coating) Tamron development.
Camera shake correction mechanism (※ 2) “VC” of (Vibration Compensation) Tamron’s proprietary.
Circular ring-type ultrasonic motor (※ 3) “USD” of (Ultrasonic Silent Drive) Tamron development.
For Sony digital single-lens reflex camera is equipped with a camera shake correction function in the body, (※ 4) for Sony is not equipped with camera shake correction mechanism “VC”. For Sony product name is “SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di USD (Model A011)” and no VC notation.


Model name A011
Focal length 150-600mm
Brightness F/5-6.3
Angle of view (diagonal angle of view) 16 ° 25 ‘~ 4 ° 8’ <35mm-format full-size single-lens reflex camera when using>
10 ° 38 ‘~ 2 ° 40’ <APS-C size sensor digital single-lens reflex camera in use>
Lens constitution 20 pieces of 13 group
Minimum focusing distance 2.7m
Maximum magnification 1:5
Filter diameter φ95mm
Greatest dimension φ105.6mm
Length  1 257.8mm
Mass 1,951 g (including a detachable tripod mount)
Diaphragm blades Nine (circular aperture)  5)
Minimum aperture F32-40
Standard accessory Round hood, removable tripod mount
Corresponding mount For Canon, Nikon, Sony for

* Mass-length is a number of Nikon.
To the mounting surface from the tip = lens length [★ 1].
There is a case to change without notice specifications, appearance, performance, etc.

In a state where the narrowed down from a two-stage open aperture (※ 5), I keep the shape of a substantially circular aperture.

Also see – Tamron Announces SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 VC USD Lens

src – Tamron Japan

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