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Firmware Update

Panasonic G9 First Look

panasonic G9 camera image

Panasonic recently announced Panasonic G9 camera let’s see the major specification inside the newly announced camera. You can look at the camera announcement article here, sample images and for pre-order do visit Amazon | B&H

Panasonic g9  image   processor

Panasonic G9 camera features are 20 Megapixel digital live MOS sensor powered by Venus engine. The new Panasonic sensor allow the standard sensitivity range ISO 25600. With the help of new image processing algorithms the noise levels are minimal. The new image processor used inside the camera helps to create sharp detailed Ultra HD 4K videos.

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Panasonic G9 FPS


Continuous  shooting  Speed

Panasonic uses electronic as well as mechanical  shutter. Maximum continuous shooting speed of the camera goes up to 60 frames per second. The camera can shoot full resolution imge @  20FPS and continuous focusing support is available upto 9 FPS.

Shutter of Panasonic G9 camera

The mechanical shutter of the camera features shutter speed of 1 / 8000 seconds as well as that Top flash synchronisation speed is 1/250sec.

Advance auto focusing system in Panasonic G9

Panasonic G9 features accelerated autofocus system inside it.  the DFD auto focusing system has been elevated to a new level when you are going to use this camera you will feel the blazing fast Auto focusing speed that locks  your subject in just 0.04 second.

The camera features continuous autofocus in support of 9 frames per second at full resolution.

The Panasonic auto focusing system works very effectively for both still as well as videography,  Panasonic G9 also tracks its subject very effectively by tracing out subject colour,  size,  and motion vectors of the subject that is going to be tracked by the camera to ensure precise focus on it.

If you like to do manual focus with your camera while shooting stills,  focus peaking is also available inside the Panasonic G9 camera where they use highlights bride edges of contrast with a coloured outline for quickly recognising your focus. As well as touch manual focus assist is always available for us assist the manual focus operation.

the camera also magnifies the subject 3 X to 10 X in the display section to confirm the focusing position off the subject,  this can be done by using auto focus point is scope settings.

Panasonic 80MP vs 20MP

80 megapixels high resolution mode

The Panasonic G9 is able to generate 80 megapixels file by using the sensor shift stabilization Technology. The camera Move It sensor and it capture a different images and finally combine them into single profile so you get a 80 megapixel JPG as well as Raw file from the camera. You can just imagine the amount details that will going to be available in that particular file so if you are a landscape architecture shooter, this camera will going to Boost Your work performance to the next level.

4K video mode

Panasonic G9 camera  can record 4K Videos at the rate of 60 frames per second.  The camera offers you internal recording with and 8 bit colour depth  which is pretty nice. The Panasonic G9 camera uses long GOP comparison to keep sizes manageable.

Slow motion videos

You can also record Ultra slow motion videos with Panasonic G9 camera since it does offer 180 frames per second at full HD video recording mode and that is insane.  And don’t think so any DSLR camera till date over 180 frames per second half full HD video recording and 60 frames per second of 4K video recording.

More details about continuous shooting Mode

We have already talked about the burst rate of the camera. Now let’s talk with more details about it,  The Panasonic G9 camera features of Pre and Post burst mode.

There are few situations when you are unsure about your subject critical movement and you are just touching the shutter button to get the shot clicked. The camera will going to record extra 1 seconds before and after pressing the shutter button that you are getting approx 60 frames extract to select your perfect composition.

There is a one more continuous shooting mode (S/S). This mode will record video recording process of the entire scene and allow you to just sit back relax and play the video again and just choose your perfect moment and use the shutter button to click the shot.  You will get 18 megapixel still shots with full exif details from that mode.

Dual IS image stabilization

Image stabilization system Dual I.S 2

Panasonic introduced a completely new image stabilization system inside the Panasonic G9 camera.  This second generation of image stabilization system gives you 6.5 stops of Camera shake.

This image stabilization system perfectly synchronises with the Panasonic optical image stabilization best lenses and gives you Broader range of image stabilization compensation.

Olympus and Panasonic are famous for their new generation of image stabilization system,  so in every way from sensor to video to image stabilization system this camera is a perfect tool for a photographer.


3.6 million dot resolution OLED with .83X magnification for eye level composition is being placed on the rear side of the camera with refresh rate of 120 frames per second.

Rear LCD screen

Just after the viewfinder we have a large LCD display screen of 3 inch and 1.04 megapixel resolution.  then LCD screen can be moved in anyway you want,  the touch navigation of the screen and how is used to lock your focus without missing a moment it is specifically help more while recording a video and tracking your subject with your finger.

Top LCD screen

Laptop LCD screen gives the information of settings without raising your camera to eye level. Many professional photographers have a habit of using top LCD display screen in their DSLR camera.


A joystick has also been introduced on the rear side of the camera that allows You to jump over the settings or change the focus point of the camera.

Dual memory card support

yes the Panasonic G9 camera support dual UHS-II SD card slot.  the camera automatically switches to another card when one card is full.  there is a one also option called back up recording where the camera records the same data simultaneously in both cards.

External USB charger

Body design

The body of the camera is very sleek,  and there are multiple assignable buttons including a function Lever that can be assigned by the photographer.

Panasonic G9 camera also features front and rear  dial buttons for controlling aperture as well as shutter speed of the camera.

External USB power supply can be used to power-up the camera. Use USB charger while shooting,  so you can charge your camera even while capturing your perfect compositions.

The camera is also dust and Splash proof,  So you can use this camera in any weather condition.

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