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Olympus Working on A Fullframe Mirrorless Camera

oly 28mm fullrame imageSurprise: Finally The Creators of 4/3 format moving towards a bigger sensor. Olympus may be working on fullframe sensor based mirrorless camera project, since a latest lens patent document surfaced over the web revealed a fullframe sensor based Lens with 28mm focal length and F2 aperture. Take a look at the patent details below…

  • Patent Publication No. 2016-6469
    • Published 2016.1.14
    • Filing date 2014.5.26
  • Example 1
    • f 28.83 28.66 28.00
    • FNO. 2.06 2.05 2.00
    • 2ω 79.64 77.07 70.21
    • IH 21.633 21.633 21.633
    • FB (in air) 15.65 14.70 12.01
    • Total length (in air) 79.14 78.19 75.50

Olympus Working on A Fullframe Mirrorless Camera

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2 comments to Olympus Working on A Fullframe Mirrorless Camera

  • Sony, Nikon, Canon, and now Olympus, and other manufacturers dwelling in mirrorless technology. Yes. Like it or not, mirrorless is not going to vanish as some may think. My 3 cameras, one DSLR and 2 compact point and shoot by Nikon and Sony are not mirrorless. However, I would sell my 2 point and shoot cameras to maybe buy a Sony a6000 2 lens kit, mirrorless, $1050.00. Perhaps cheaper in the future. Olympus is a good product. And mirrorless is a new family member.

  • Don

    Don’t see this happening at all. All 3 patents that we have seen are for prime lenses. Pretty much every camera introduced or sold (whether FF or crop) comes with kit ZOOM lenses, usually covering a range of 24 (or 28) to 70. The next lens that is produced in usually a zoom that covers 70mm to 200 or 300mm. Until we see those types of lenses, it seems far more likely that these patents are third party lenses for someone such as Sony, who already us selling their FF cameras with those types of kit lenses mentioned.

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