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Firmware Update

Olympus stylus 2 Coming Soon ?

Olympus new camera image

New digital camera registered by Olympus in Taiwan and its Code name is IM005. The registration date was of January 9 2017 and we my see a new camera announcement from Olympus in Q4 of this year.

Now if we look at the battery specification that is LI-92B, battery used inside compacts. Possibly Olympus is working on successor of the successor of Olympus stylus 1, TG-4 or may beĀ  SH3.


Olympus Stylus discontinued – Source B&H

If we are talking about compact camera then you should know that the stylus 1 Model is already discontinued and it was announced on October 9 2013. It was one of the most popular compact camera of Olympus featuring a 10X compact zoom lens with constant F2.8 Aperture.

The next camera may have a 1 inch sensor to compere against other trending compacts of today, we will update you soon if we get any new information.

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3 comments to Olympus stylus 2 Coming Soon ?

  • CanonPro 1962

    Excellent info but who need finger nail sensor camera for now. Olympus will go down again.

  • Tina Edwards

    The Stylus 1 & 1s both use the same battery as the Olympus Pen cameras. On that basis I suspect that the newly registered camera is probably not its replacement. More likely to be the TG-5, SP200EE or SH camera, or something completely new. Hasn’t the SH-3 been released already in Japan?

    I’ve also seen suggestions that the new camera could be an XZ-3 although, given the time gap since the XZ-2 was discontinued, this doesn’t seem very likely either. I suppose, as usual, that we’ll just have to wait and see!

  • admin

    @Tina Edwards

    Yes Tine there are lot of possibility, thanks for your valuable input.

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