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Firmware Update

Nikon D750 Shutter ERR Problem

Nikon D750 Leaked image

Nikon D750 model is in trouble again, After flare problem Nikon D750 users facing shutter stuck problem worldwide. The Latest Nikon D750 shutter problem is reported by many photographers on several online Nikon forums.

According to users the camera lock up while taking images at a shutter speed of 1/4000, the problem often occurs when you Just start-up the camera and take images at 1/4000 shutter speed. Once the shutter is pressed the Camera Top LCD Panel will Display ERR warning.

How to Fix Now ERR issue
1. Click again the shutter button
2. Remove the SD Card of the camera, battery and Lens.
3. Finally, if the above two option didn’t work then take out the battery of the camera and leave it for 24 hrs.

Take a look at the videos below uploaded by users worldwide

Forum Link –

We are waiting for official response from Nikon related to this issue, follow us and we will update you soon as we get any new information.

6 comments to Nikon D750 Shutter ERR Problem

  • J.J. van Amerongen

    From time to time I have this shutter problem, very anoying!

  • Shrikant D Hegde

    Today I have faced shutter lock Err message in controll panel as wellas in view finder of my D 750 which was bought in Jan 2016.Body was mounted with Nikkor 70-300.This problem is of intermittent nature.Serial No of Body is 8809210.Any suggestion to overcome this problem ?

  • Mike S

    After having a D600 which appeared to have been assembled at Jiffy Lube, I got is bought back eventually by Nikon, then bought a D800, which I DID LOVE! However, it had the focus problems. Got rid of that one, then bought the D750, even though though, as a pro, the 1/4000th shutter speed is limiting. Now after a couple of months, I have the so called shading issue, and the locking up at 1/4000th. I am absolutely finished with NIKON!!!Q!! I do not care what they make as a company any longer. My camera is my income, so I have purchased a Canon 5D MK IIII, and just now a MK IV. Totally happy!. The service is terrific for a pro. I think Nikon is trying to self destruct for some reason, I don’t know why. Their quality control has gone to s**t, putting it mildly. I gave them every chance, and used their stuff since 1968. Very sad.

  • Shoaib

    I am having exactly same issue with my D750 using at high shutter speed.
    I update firmware but problem is still there. Would anyone please suggest solution for that?
    Thanks in advance

  • Jean

    My D750 did not have the high shutter speed problem but was called back by Nikon this July 2017. So I sent it to the Nikon SAV and they serviced it. I have just got it back.

    The real problem is that my D750 HAS THE PROBLEM NOW. I have noticed when taking my first photos with it that it freezed, Error mentionned, and mirror up, as soon as the shutter speed went to 1/2000s.

    What should I do ? Should I accept that Nikon servicing my D750 causes the problem ? Can I ask for an exchange with a new D750 (my Nikon is still under warranty) ? Does somebody know what are Nikon rules in a case such I described ?


  • Guillermo

    Same problem here since 2016.
    In my country there is no official Nikon technical service. Anyone found any solution?

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