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Nikon D600 vs Nikon D800

Nikon D600 vs Nikon D800

The recently announced Nikon D600 Full Frame Camera comes at $2K range and D800 comes at $3K range (body only), the new Nikon D600 features newly developed 24.7 Megapixel FF CMOS sensor, Standard ISO range of 100-6400, expandable to 50-25600, 39 focus points AF coverage to full-fill your daily needs.


Advantages of Nikon D600

Nikon D600 cost your approx $1000 less than the Nikon D800, Nikon D600 is bit slimmer and lighter.

Both camera features Full frame sensor, Nikon D600 is a 36.3 megapixel monster whereas Nikon D600 features 24.7 Megapixels and both the camera share same standard ISO range of 100-6400.

Now its time to see some High ISO test, imagine-resource now have D600 high resolution samples, so I have take two samples of both the camera at ISO 6400 and 25600, see the results below

Nikon D600 vs Nikon D800 High ISO Test

Nikon D600 Sensor Score

Nikon D600 score Just 1 point less than Nikon D800 in DxOMark Lab, We have the Top 10 rated cameras of DxO Mark (below) Click to enlarge


From the ISO test and other specification review we know that Nikon D600 is also a excellent DSLR with eye-catching features, but if you need more AF point and Megapixel you may move towards Nikon D800.
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4 comments to Nikon D600 vs Nikon D800

  • Rupert

    Since very few of us have had the chance to test the D600, it’s difficult to tell how good it is only by reading the specs. and the biased hands-on preview by websites and people who have a strong interest in making us buy Nikon products.

    The only thing we can do is to check at the first samples released to try to make our own opinion.

    The only samples given on well known review sites are the one from Nikon, therefore, very good ones as they want us to buy the camera.

    However, some other samples (not coming from Nikon) have been posted on different websites and should let everybody appreciate at its right value the quality of the D600:

    – Imaging Resource (tests in NEF format + gallery in Jpg)
    – Fotopolis
    – More to come…

    As you will see, some pictures are far from the quality of the ones given by Nikon Corp. and it is not surprising.

    As for the price: 2100 to 2400$ for a minor version of the D800, I let everybody appreciate the irony of an announced “affordable or entry level FF camera”… If you add the 24-85 kit lens, it will cost you the “affordable” price of 2500 to 2700$ (almost the same price as a D800 strangely).

    Only Sony with the A99 has decided to be more expensive. Canon with the 5D models is not and the future 6D price will be aligned on the D600 (2100$ provided that it stays at this price in few month).

    My advice to all sensible photographers would be to wait before buying or delay it until the prices become reasonable.

    Don’t forget, its’ not the gear that makes a good photographer, but the guy behind the camera.

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