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Images of Upcoming Fuji Camera Leaked - Fuji X-A3 Successor Coming ?

Upcoming Fuji Camera
Today Images of upcoming Fuji camera leaked. Only bottom and side-view are available. The name of the camera isn’t revealed yet. Take a look a the other image of the upcoming camera.

Now we are comparing the leaked bottom image with the available Fuji cameras, take a look below.

Design and image comparison

We haven’t included the X-Pro2 in the list since, we don’t expect X-Pro3 arrival anytime soon. As you can see in the list the design of the camera resembles with Fuji X-A3. The X-T2 have its viewfinder in the center of the camera. Whereas the viewfinder and rear display of the leaked camera  exactly matches with X-A3.

So, we can expect the successor of Fui X-A3 on its way. The name isn’t confirmed yet, but latest leaked images and rumors suggest that upcoming camera name will be Fuji X-A5.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

Few  days ago we have also published that Fuji FF1700004 received wireless certification, see more details here

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2 comments to Images of Upcoming Fuji Camera Leaked – Fuji X-A3 Successor Coming ?

  • Rainer

    just a feeling: the X-A3 is not so old. Maybe it’s the X-M successor? – But the new cam definitely has got an EVF.

  • Rainer

    sorry was wrong: camera definitely does not have a EVF (electronic viewfinder). What I mistakenly thought to be the EVF is in fact the thumbrest. It’s on the right hand side of the photographer.

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