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Hasselblad to Announce More New Camera this Year

Hasselblad mirrorless

We were the first website to told you that Hasselblad is planning to announce several new products this year,  just few days after the rumor Hasselblad announced H6D 50c and H6D 100c camera by having 50 MP and 100MP CMOS sensor respectively.

The announcement is not completed yet, the camera company is in the mood to announce more new products this year. However, the sales of Hasselblad Lunar completely stopped now and the Hassy may announce replacement for the same. So we may see a complete breakthrough by Hasselblad this year instead of re-branding Sony cameras, they may be a square sensor based MF camera or Hasselblad Digital X-Pan.

Take a look what financial times said few days ago:

“I saw the new cameras. I will be reporting on them this year in my How To Spend It column. Without breaking the news embargo, I can say confidently that, in the case of one wholly new model in particular, photography fans will be over the moon.” (source: Jonathan Margolis/FT)

Take a look what Hasselblad CEO said few days ago:

“Portability will be key – but how and which ways it will be portable is yet to be announced – it’s better to scream about something when you have something to say, and our ambition towards that direction is there. The good thing is that more people will come to medium format, and people are much more interested in quality.” (source)

We don’t know this time what Hassalblad planned, but after failure of Hasselblad Lunar they won’t repeat the same mistake again.  Stay with us and we will update you soon as we get any new information.

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source – photorumors

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