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Fujifilm HS50 vs Canon SX50 HS

Fuji HS50 vs Canon SX50Fujifilm HS50 vs Canon SX50 HS specification comparison review, take a look below and share your thoughts with us.

Fujifilm HS50 vs Canon SX50 HS


Fujifilm HS50 features newly developed ½” EXR CMOS II sensor with phase detection  and Canon SX 50HS features 12MpCMOS sensor, if we compare the Size Fuji have bit bigger sensor, more megapixel and more ISO range compared to Canon SX50 HS, So specification says that Fuji have better sensor.


Canon features 8.3X more optical zoom than Fuji, So Canon wins here.

Image Stabilization:

Fuji features traditional Lens Shift IS whereas Canon Features advance Hybrid Image Stabilization, Intelligent IS to automatically select from six different modes to optimize image stabilization for the given situation: Normal, Panning, Macro (Hybrid) and Tripod IS for stills; and Dynamic, Powered, Macro and Tripod IS for video.

AF Speed / Type:

Fuji HS50 features new Intelligent Hybrid Autofocus system that automatically selects between phase detection autofocus or contrast autofocus in low light,

  • Canon SX50 HS have AF Speed of 0.19 Sec
  • Fujifilm HS50 have AF speed of 0.05Sec

The newly announced Fujifilm features Phase AF points within the sensor, due the Phase AF points and contrast detect AF system the Fuji HS 50 achieves a blazing fast AF speed of 0.05Sec, Canon SX50 HS AF speed is limited to 0.19 sec with contrast detect AF system.

Image Processor:  

Canon features latest generation of DIGIC V image processor used in 5D Mark III and canon 1DX, Fuji HD50 also uses newly developed EXR II image processor


With Canon SX50 HS You’re free to use the full range of the zoom in movie mode, and sound is recorded in stereo. Canon SX50 HS frame rate is limited to 30 fps at Full HD while Fujifilm offers you better AF system and 60fps frame rate while recording video.


Display: Fujifilm HS50 features big and high resolution display.

Battery Life:  Fuji HS50 gives you more battery life. Canon have NB-10L Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack, 7.4VDC, 920mAh , Fuji have 1x NP-W126 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack, 7.4VDC, 1300mAh.

Size and Weight: Fuji is bit bigger and heavier compared to Canon SX50 HS.
Fuji HS50 HS Dimension – 5.3 x 4.0 x 5.7″ / 28.50 oz / 808 g
Canon SX50HS Dimension – 4.8 x 3.4 x 4.2″ / 1.2 lb / 0.54 kg



  1. Fuji HS50 features better Sensor
  2. Canon have more optical zoom
  3. Fuji HS50 features Hybrid AF system
  4. Fuji HS50 Image processor is fast compared to canon in overall score.
  5. Fuji HS50 features better video mode with Phase AF
  6. Fuji HS50 feature better Display
  7. Canon is bit lightweight and smaller compared to Fuji HS50.

If you are looking for Mega zoom camera you can buy Canon, Since SX50 HS features 8.3X more optical zoom than Fuji HS50 with better IS, but based on overall score Fuji HS50 is a clear winner.

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7 comments to Fujifilm HS50 vs Canon SX50 HS

  • I was comparing Fuji HS50 to Nikon P510 and got much useful information. I then compared Fuji HS50 to Canon SX50 and it appears that your web-page of this view is partially IN ERROR. The photos are correct but the side by side comparison STILL REFERS to the Nikon P510. You might want to have this corrected soon. Thank you Himself

  • admin

    Thanks for the update.

  • edward

    I have owned both of these cameras and although the technical specs would seem to favor the Fujifilm HS50 I’ve found from experience that the Canon takes MUCH higher quality pictures in regular conditions. They are both nice cameras, but I like the Canon’s picture clarity and low light ability far more than the Fuji.
    Neither camera is of course a big full featured DSLR, but they don’t cost $1000s and they don’t weigh the 15 pounds you’d need with this kind of zoom length.
    Either is a nice portable substitute for a wallet and back breaking DSLR with this much zoom.

  • Nick

    Edward, I’m not sure how you can make the claim that you have any experience with the Fuji HS50EXR since the camera won’t be released until late March of 2013 and you posted your comment in mid-February.

    I own the Canon SX50HS and it really is an incredible little camera with a couple of technical limitations that the Fuji will probably resolve. If the Fuji can take similarly good pictures (which remains to be seen) then I think Fuji will have a winner on their hands.

  • Mike Gill


    I own a few cameras , a Fujifilm HS11 , an old but still great Konica Minolta Z1 and an Olympus OM4-Ti

    picture quality is seemingly a room of smoke and mirrors, a friend of mine has a Canon 60D , i showed some other friends about 20 pics I took with my HS11 and compared them with my friends 60D (both taken in the same place and of the same subject matter , in All cases , people said the HS11 pics were slightly better , it was difficult to pin point any real difference , in fact even compared with another friends Sony SLT A55 the image quality isnt that apparent , so are these Large costly DSLRs really worth buying (the Canon 60D + 2 lenses was 6 times the cost of my HS11 & the Sony was 4 times the cost)) if you are NOT a serious everyday photographer? Im waiting for the HS50EXR or the new Sony HX300 to become available

  • Dabs

    Been looking at these bridge cameras for quite a while, maybe too much. But a lot of people say that the Canon with its smaller sensor and less mps has better picture quality than the Fuji HS50EXR.. All the stats say the Fuji is a better camera. Can’t find in the Chicago suburbs to get my hands on. Anyone with any experience with these cameras? Have a great day. Dabs….

  • Infact the SX50 really has much better and sharper imagequality than the
    HS50. Even though the HS50 has a bigger sensor and stuff..
    But the SX50 is just supperior! I checked so many tests, and user review,
    compared photos and checked both cams myself.
    You can also check pages like
    To compare the images. The pics of the Fujicam seem to be very unsharp.
    I think you pay for the features on the HS50.. but on the SX50 you pay for imagequality!

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