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Fuji X200 Coming With 23mm Lens

Fuji X100T Lens image

Fuji X100T announced on September 2014 and the camera is due for replacement for a long time. According to latest rumors  Fuji X100T successor coming with a 23mm lens same as of current X100T camera, however earlier it was rumored that the upcoming camera will feature fixed 28mm lens.

We are sure that upcoming X100T successor will use 24.3MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS III Sensor, so the overall refreshed specification of the upcoming camera look like this…

Fuji X200 Rumored Specification

– the 24MP sensor of the X-Pro2 (and therefore also faster AF)
– 23mm fixed prime lens (same as of X100T)
– and enhanced hybrid VF with better EVF refresh rate
– Digital converter 35/50
– Tiltscreen

Stay with us and we will update you soon as we get any new information.

source – Fujirumor

6 comments to Fuji X200 Coming With 23mm Lens

  • Mike Menon

    I am a owner of a X100T camera and I want to tell the world that fixed lens camera sucks when you are at serious work.

    I Kindly request fuji to buy some good German made glass from sigma… yes they are good in making fixed aperture zoom lenses (17-35mm F1.8 zoom ?) and add them over the upcoming Fuji X200 camera.

  • ShutterBug

    Excellent information, thanks for sharing.

  • Luther Heggs

    No image stabilization, no sale.

  • Marcus franklin

    I want to tell the world to ignore the last comment – I assume it was a joke. Sigma aren’t even close to competing with Fujinon – so if it was a joke…haha good one. Re comment on IS – this would never be an issue with a camera like this, the leaf shutter even means you can achieve moderately long exposure shots handheld.

  • “I am a owner of a X100T camera and I want to tell the world that fixed lens camera sucks when you are at serious work.” for those of us who were pros before there even was a zoom lens that was remotely serious, I can testify that quite a bit of serious camera work was done with fixed lenses. For example: Robert Frank and his Leica with a 35mm lens, Diane Arbus with her Rollei, and Ansel Adams, Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Bruce Davidson, Saul Leiter, Art Kane, and etc.
    LOVE your X100T and take great pictures with it!

  • George S

    I do not own Fuji X100 camera (any kind) for precisely the same reason Mike Menon talks about.
    I think he is on right track with a short, fast zoom – of course not f1.8 but f2.8 – to eliminate the need for tele/wide converters.
    I’d say, though, Mike Menon should perhaps consider X-E2s or – hopefully soon released X-E3 – if he wants flexibility in regards to lenses.
    X-E series with small pancake 27mm lens would be about as small as X-100 (whatever X-100).
    Of course, that is, unless he insists on OVF, which X-E hasn’t. The only other choice with OVF would be X-Pro1 or 2.

    I am not sure that there is an f/1.8 zoom in existence for ‘C’ sensor, even a short one.
    I wonder why people are so obsessed with lenses such as f/1 or zoom f/1.8.
    Size and weight of such optical instrument would be prohibitive for use on compact system.
    And it is not needed.
    My X-E2 is perfectly suitable for ISO6400 and my f/2.8-4 with OIS can take acceptable picture in dimly lit places. In fact, I mostly use setting on Auto-ISO between 400 – 6400.

    I’d say, OIS would be nice addition to new X-100/200 camera.

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