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Canon Interchangeable Lens Mount System Camera - Patent


Canon new patent document surfaced over the web that shows a electronic mount interchangeable system for cameras.  According to the patent the mount system can be changed or customized based on user requirements. So, its a complete technological breakthrough.

Few days ago a rumor surfaced over the web – Upcoming Canon Fullframe mirrorless to use EF lenses (see more details here) So, the big question was if Canon upcoming fullframe mirrorless will carry big and bulky EF lenses or they will have there own lens-lineup. There is a possibility that the upcoming Mirrorless may have Interchangeable Lens Mount System built-in.

Not only Mirrorless, Canon may also introduce Universal interchangeable lens mount DSLRs in future which accepts all lenses.

Patent Details


  • Patent Publication No. 2016-192701
    • Published 2016.11.10
    • Filing date 2015.3.31
  • Canon patent
    • Mount exchange possible
    • Change the menu content depending on the mount

A look at the past: On August 30th, 2013 we have published a rumor that Sony is working on a universal mount camera that will going to accept EF, EF-S, DX, FX Lenses, unfortunately the rumored camera never arrived in reality.

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1 comment to Canon Interchangeable Lens Mount System Camera – Patent

  • Ah full MARKETING frame.

    Full frame is an RB-67 🙂

    If they use old lenses they will still be bulky cameras.

    So, they have half-heartedly copied the Olympus/Panasonic lead and don’t want to lose sales on their legacy swinging mirror cameras.

    Mirrors in cameras solved a problem from the 1930s for
    75-80 years.

    Good while it lasted, but the problem no longer exists.

    You know it, I know it, and CaNikon KNOW it.

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