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Firmware Update

Canon .CR2 File Format Hacked and Decoded


It’s a really good news for Canon DSLR users. Magic Lantern guys claims (ML is a open source firmware for Canon DSLRs) that they have succeed to capture in-camera digital negative (DNG) RAW files in Canon DSLRs by Hacking and decoding the in-camera .CR2 Files of Canon 5D Mk III camera.

So, you don’t have to fight with .CR2 RAW files anymore since (DNG) RAW files are more acceptable in image editing tools like Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. A 5DMk III DSLR with ML firmware can save RAW file directly in DNG RAW insted of .CR2

Magic Lantern developer a1ex decoded the Canon CR2 files and modified the output to allow the camera to produce a lossless DNG file instead.

You can see the proof at Magic Lantern forums where the user Danne has posted a couple of lossless 14bit DNG files.

However the date and availability of the firmware is still un-known

source – MLforum | 5D Mk III DNG Files are here

Via – Petapixel

3 comments to Canon .CR2 File Format Hacked and Decoded

  • etudiant

    Would not Canon act to block this?
    It seems a pretty good example of the type of hacking the DMCA prohibits.

  • Stella


    Canon u have two option and let me tell you the first one if better

    1. HIRE ML Guys, these guy’s are genius… they will take Canon to next level.

    2. OR Block them so You remain You and no one else.

    3. ……………….. Hire me.. I also want to test some new DSLRs… I don’t know but even the new DSLR aroma make me excited…

  • CanonPro 1962

    Well always remember camera is a tool nothing else, don’t overate.

    ML people doing a great work.. all people are working to make these tool more better nothing else

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