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Sony A7R III vs Sony A7R II

Sony A7R III vs Sony A7R II image

Take a look at the specs comparison between Sony A7R III vs Sony A7R II. Latest features has been added in this new camera but above all the sensor and the image processor of the camera remain same

Take a look at the major differences between both the models

Sony A7R III vs Sony A7R II Specification Comparison

Standard ISO ISO 32000 ISO 25600
Dynamic Range

15 Stops for still

14 Stop for Videos

Pixel Shift shooting 170MP (approx) None
Continuous shooting speed 10 fps 5 fps
Low light AF EV -3 EV -2
5 axis IS 5.5 Stops 4.5 Stops
EVF Quad-VGA OLED True Finder XGA OLED true-finder
Battery NP-F Z100 NP-F W50
Media Double Single
USB Connector for PC USB 3.1 Gen1 USB 2.0

ISO (32000)

The first difference we notice the increase of ISO range inside Sony A7R III camera.
increase in the Assurance clearly indicates that you are going to get more cleaner images at high ISO range. practically many professional photographers don’t use ISO above 3200 or 6400 but definitely this new camera will going to allow you to get one step above.

Dynamic Range (15 Stops)

The dynamic range of Sony A7 R2 was almost near about 14 stops not exactly 14 but it was near to it. but the recently announced Sony A7 or 3 camera features 15 stop of dynamic range when used at base ISO. and imagine you are getting 14 stars of dynamic range while creating 4K videos.

Pixel Shift – Creating 170 Megapixel Image

Technology invented by Pentax and later on followed by Olympus and finally we have a Sony A7 or 3

The Sony A7RIII is the first Sony mirrorless camera which introduced pixel shift shooting, now in the pixel shift shooting mode the sensor rotates four time and completes its one rotation by taking multiple exposures of single subject and creating a gigantic image file of 170 megapixel with enormous amount of details and truelife colour inside it.

Continuous Shooting (10FPS)

Just imagine the power of Sony A9 camera with sensor resolution of Sony 7R II, that exactly is Sony A7R III camera.

Sony camera A7R III camera offers 10 frames per second you are getting 5 extra frames compared to the existing Sony 7r II camera which an major difference.

Image Stabilization (5.5 Stops)

The Sony A7R III camera now features more improved built-in image stabilization. Now you are allowed to used 1 strop more slow shutter speed compared to the Sony A7R II camera.
The Sony A7R II was offering 4.5 Stops of image stabilization whereas the Sony A7R III offers 5.5 Stops of image stabilization.

EVF is also improved

Sony A7RIII now features exactly same viewfinder as of Sony A9 (Quad-VGA OLED True Finder).

Dual Card

Introduction of Dual Card slots inside the camera. The Sony A7R II was limited to Single card slot only.

The camera can process your data more rapidly with introduction of USB 3.0 ports.

Verdict:  It’s a Fusion of Sony A7R II and Sony A9, best of both the world. One of the best Mirrorless Camera Sony ever made.

A Massage to Canikon users [BTW I am also a Canon user]. Forget all the models you have seen or used till now, its time to change. It’s time to give your art a new dimension.

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1 comment to Sony A7R III vs Sony A7R II

  • jack parsons

    how dos the new (quad-vga oled truefinder)on the sony a7r111 compare to a lens base viewfinder for clarity and brightness.

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