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Canon G5 X Mark II Coming in Spring 2017


According to emails from Jane Roe (anonymous source) The G5X Mark II is scheduled to be announced on Spring 2017, but there is also a big possibility that camera may be arrive before scheduled announcement due to tough competition.

– End of rumor –

Now we have list of compacts camera coming in near future

  1. Canon G1X Mark III (Canon G1X Mark III announcement is overdue, G1X II is more than 2 year 6+ month old)
  2. Canon G5X Mark II
  3. Canon G3X Mark II
  4. Canon G9X Mark II

We have already have rumors related to Canon G1X Mark II successor[see here]. And today we got some hints on the replacement of current Canon G5X camera as mentioned above. But, still there is a big list of camera that is waiting to be replaced soon.

We have received information in past that Canon will do schedule announcements of small sensor compacts on Jan and Feb of 2017. We have also told you a week ago that Canon Rebel DSLR is coming in Q1 of next year and Canon 6D Mark II on April 2017.

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11 comments to Canon G5 X Mark II Coming in Spring 2017

  • etudiant

    Several iterations of the same small body short zoom with large sensor concept. Why?
    Meanwhile Canon has ceded the small sensor long zoom market to Nikon.
    There must be some marketing rationale to this, but three new models in the smart phone susceptible pocket camera niche and none in the safer long zoom segment needs explaining.

  • Stella

    Agree etudiant

    I don’t understand when Canon does Have Canon G7X Mark II camera then why they are announcing Canon G5X series camera by adding a hot shoe on top.

  • Tony

    Enough of these tiny 1″ sensor cameras, bring out the G1X III, that’s if Canon doesn’t screw it up again.

  • Werner

    Where is the G5X-II with a 10X zoom such as in the zs100??

  • 4kBuyer

    I’m waiting for the new G5X
    Wish List
    4K ??? and stereo microphone input jack and better dust proofing the lens
    Come on Canon my iPhone has 4K, your competition has 4K

  • cornelia

    I’m waiting for a canon lightweight as the powershot s100, but with a better sensor and video quality. Don’t have to have a bigger zoom. wide angle 24mm is fine.

  • Rafael

    still waiting 🙁

  • 4kBuyer

    Yahn – waited , waited – and then waited for version 2 – bought a Panasonic g85 instead

  • Per

    This is ridicoulus – still nothing and it’s Photokina in a couple of days.
    Even if Canon were releasing a MKII the specs has be way upgraded compared to the G5X. Something like an 5Dmk2/3 but with Nikon darkness handling and slomo features is what we can expect now right?

    I understand the photo market has shrunk the last years and cameras are competing with phones but you are slowing down way to much now Canon.

  • dbasileccim

    I’ve been following these rumors quietly for a long time. Is it possible that the “upgrade” for the g5x is being blended into the newly announced g1x Mark III. They look almost identical, the specs are a reasonable upgrade from the current g5x. They both have a functional hotshoe (which is what I need), they both have electronic view finders, etc etc. and they are physically almost identical to each other.

    It seems to me that if the g1x Mark III had a g5x mark II label on it, we would say ok, that makes sense.

    What do you think?

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