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Nikon Coolpix A vs Fujifilm X100S

Nikon Coolpix A vs Fujifilm X100S, take a look at the high-end APS-C sensor compact specification comparison and share your thoughts with us.

Nikon A vs Fuji X100S


Nikon uses Sensor of Nikon 7000 / D5100 DSLR ,

The fujifilm features newly developed X-Trans CMOS sensor, the fujifilm X100s sensor is completly redesigned and features Phase AF points within the sensor

so you get a approx 4 year old sensor technology in Nikon coolpix A, I don’t know why Nikon used old 16Mp sensor since it already have high performance 24Mp APS-C sensor from Sony and Toshiba.


Fujifilm features better / bright lens compared to Nikon coolpix A.

No-Optical Low Pass Filter (OLPF)Both Camera features No-Optical low pass filter.

Auto Focus –

Nikon features Contrast detect AF system, for still and video mode.

The Fujifilm X100s features Phase AF + Contrast AF (Hybrid AF), the Fuji X100s offers 0.08 second of AF Speed.

During Movie mode Fujifilm X100s Phase-detect AF effective for movie shooting.

Top Continuous Shooting Speed Fujifilm features fast continuous shooting speed.

Video Mode

Fujfilm X100s offers you 1080p 60fps Full HD recording with Phase AF, Nikon coolpix A is limited to 30fps at Full HD mode and have contrast detect AF.

14bit RAW Support – both features 14bit RAW Support

Price Difference – Fujifilm X100S will cost you approx $250+ compared to Nikon coolpix A


Based on specification comparison review we recommend Fujifilm X100S.

Buy Fujifilm X100S from Amazon
Buy Nikon Coolpix A from Amazon

2 comments to Nikon Coolpix A vs Fujifilm X100S

  • AndyF_HH

    in your comparison table you describe the Nikon Coolpix A as image stabilized. That’s not the case. The Coolpix A doesn’t have any kind of image stabilization.

    I got confused about that, too, after reading the description on Amazon Germany. But it’s just wrong. Even on the Nikon website there is no claim of image stabilization.


  • admin

    Thanks for the update, I will update the page very soon.

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