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Canon 6D Mark III Release date and Everything We Expect

We generally get a lot of question by users about upcoming camera, People are willing to know is it safe to buy Canon 6D Mark II camera in 2018 or 2019 ? When Canon 6D Mark III is coming ? So, let’s have a look when Canon 6D Mark III is coming.

let’s talk about the successor of Canon 6D mark 2 camera yes we are talking about the Canon 6D Mark III. We are getting a lot of unconfirmed set of information related to related to Canon 6D Mark III, and some of the sources do suggest the camera will arrive in Q1 of 2020 with same sensor as of Canon 5D Mark IV.

Canon took a long time to introduce the update Canon 6D mark 2. The time difference was approx 4 years and bit more between the Canon 6D and Canon 6D Mark II. But, we don’t think that canon will going to take the same time to introduce the update of Canon 6D mark 2 camera, the successor of the camera will arrive sometime at 2020.

1. What we want to see inside Canon 6D Mark III ?

We want to see massively improved Canon 6D Mark III camera with completely new sensor and brand new image processor. We also hope that with the help of new image sensor and image processor the Canon 6D Mark III camera. But latest rumors coming out from anonymous sources suggest Canon will use 30MP DPAF Sensor as we have seen in Canon 5D mark IV camera with new Digic 8 image processor. So, don’t expect any dramatic change in image quality of Canon 6D Mark II camera. It will somehow better than image quality of Canon 5D Mark IV.

2. 30 Megapixel Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus sensor

Yes, we are expecting a new sensor as we have told you already but adding a brand new sensor inside Canon 6D Mark III body isn’t so easy for Canon. Since, right now entire Canon team is putting attention towards the development of Canon FF and APS-C sensor based Mirrorless cameras. And even in 2019 we are expecting Canon will announce 1 new Canon FF Mirrorless Bodies (K433) at the same time 1DX Mark III announcement is also expected at Q4 of 2019. See upcoming Mirrorless camera of 2019

3. Ultra HD 4K videos with Canon log Gama

We don’t think and I will going to introduce DCI 4K video recording in canon 6D Mark III camera it will going to remain Limited at ultra HD 4K video recording mode but at the same time can we will have the Canon log, which allow users to capture flat images with improved dynamic range upto 800% or 12 stops. 4K video with 422 sampling and 8 bit colour depth…we also hope to get neat and clean 10 bit output from the Canon 6D Mark III camera.

4. Canon 6D Mark III Wish List

  • 30.4MP Full-Frame CMOS Sensor
  • DIGIC 8 Image Processor
  • UHD 4K30 Video; C-Log & 10-Bit HDMI Out
  • Combination IS
  • Native ISO 102400
  • Dual Pixel RAW; AF Area Select Button
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF and Movie Servo AF
  • 7 fps Shooting; Dual Card Slots
  • Built-In GPS and Wi-Fi with NFC

5. Canon Dual Image Stabilization or combination IS system

We also hope to see combination image stabilization system inside the Canon 6D Mark III camera, the combination images stabilization system is actually a conjunction of lens and image stabilization system as well as digital image stabilization system to stabilize video footage. It’s already implemented inside Canon EOS M50 camera.

6. No crop factor in 4K video recording mode

As we all know that Canon 6D mark II camera is limited to full HD video recording. But at the same time Canon EOS R or Canon 5D Mark IV both suffer from 1.74 X factor in 4K video recording mode we do hope that the upcoming Canon 6D Mark III camera will do a full sensor readout and do not show any crop factor is issue in recording 4K videos.

7. Canon 6D Series Announcement Timeline

Well as we all know Canon 6D Mark II was announced on Sep 2017 and it is too early to expect the arrival of its successor. And prior to Canon 6D Mark II we will have the announcement of Canon 1D X Mark III at the end of 2019 and a high end Canon Mirrorless also on its way.

If Canon goes on its schedule then we will have next Canon 6D Mark II camera on 2021 or 2022, since we have more than 4 years of Gap between the Canon 6D and Canon 6D Mark II camera.

Camera Model Announcement Timeline
Canon 6D Sep 17, 2012
Canon 6D Mark II June 29, 2017
Canon 6D Mark III Sep 2021 or June 2022

As you can see if Canon goes on schedule update cycle then Canon 6D Mark III isn’t near to us. We do hope the next iteration of Canon 6D series will carry 4K with Canon-Log and new picture profiles along with new image processor.

What’s your wish list associated with Canon 6D Mark II camera do share with us

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4 comments to Canon 6D Mark III Release date and Everything We Expect

  • Odin

    Laughable to think Canon would release a 6DIII when the EOS R is already essentially a mirrorless 6DII with 5D4 sensor. When is EOS R II coming would be the more appropriate question and given how gimped the EOS R is, not soon enough.

  • steven

    I do own the Canon 6D Mark II camera and I badly miss the 4K option inside it, for that I have spent extra $700 to get Panasonic G85.

    Canon always moves in slow speed

  • Alan

    The 6D MkII was a major blunder by Canon. Of course, they didn’t want to cannibalize 5D sales, but just providing a superior dynamic range, they could have countered a major roadblock to sales. Look at all the inventory-clearing promotions on 6D MkII now – and all the bad reviews.

    The 6D could have been a huge entry level full frame, yet Canon already has too many models in its total line. I do hope there is a 6D MkIII, but many people have chosen the 7D Mark II anyway. While it may not be full frame, it is a good 2nd camera body with the cropped sensor (somewhat of a bonus for holders of Ef zoom lenses with its 1.6X magnification factor). The 6D MkIII cannot come too soon.

  • Chris

    I owned the 6D and now the Mark 2, its the better camera, period.
    Love the dual pixel AF and the swivel display for easy self timer shots…
    I never post but almost getting mad when people say that this is bad camera for Canon, almost sure the 6 Mark 2 is selling well for Canon.
    To me the image quality is outstanding, how can it get any better? and I much prefer the solid size vs. the Canon mirrorless offerings….
    All in all I’ll get the Mark 3 but only in 2025, if I am still alive by then 🙂

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