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Firmware Update

Yongnuo YN450 4G Mirrorless Shipping Started in China


Yongnuo YN450 4G mirrorless interchangeable lens Android-based EF mount camera  shipping started in China. And most probably next year Yongnuo will do a worlwide announcement.

Yongnuo 4G YN450 mirrorless camera was announced back on November 2018, and exhibited by Yongnuo at CP + 2019 show. The camera runs on Android based OS and uses 4G sim for connectivity purpose. Of course the future is more smart and social.

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4 comments to Yongnuo YN450 4G Mirrorless Shipping Started in China

  • Holy crap, someone at last reverse engineered Samsung’s NX cameras! 😀

  • Dave Haynie

    This is nutty. The 16 megapixel 4/3 sensor in this camera is just dandy, with a lens designed for it. But with a full-frame EF mount? That pixel-pitch is equivalent to a 64 megapixel full-frame sensor. So only Canon’s top L-series glass will deliver the best results with this camera.

    So ok, it’s cheap and maybe no one using one cares about image quality. But even at that, the need to mount those gigantic lenses (relative to camera size) will eliminate any advantage of a small body. This is a real trainwreck!

  • admin

    Agree with Dave

    Reputed brand should also work in smart cameras like this one.

  • Joseph Stern

    @Dave Haynie. I agree with you in almost everything but I see another big problem and that is focal length. It will be very difficult to have real wide angle lenses or good bokeh with lenses designed for FF or APS-C in that M43 sensor. The only options I see are using EF-S lenses (if possible) or using speedboosters like the cheap Viltrox with cheap FF lenses, even sothis camera doesn’t make any sense to me.

    BTW the pixel-pitch isn’t like the one in a 64Mpixel FF. M43 sensors are 4:3 and FF are 3:2, so you should compare the 3:2 area of that 16Mpixel M43 (around 14MPixel) before multiply that 4 times because of the relative size (56 Mpixel, so more or less same pixel-pitch as a 5DS)

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