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Yogile Review - One of the Best and Easiest Cloud Sharing and Backup Service

Yogile – One of the Best and Easiest Photo Sharing and Backup Service we have ever used. It’s very easy to create public private albums, and creating account less than 10 seconds of time which is really one of the most interesting part of this website.

Things we really like in this Yogile

Yogile image

1. Taking Images from your friends and clients is very easy

Your friends our clients can contribute in this album with the help of email attachments also. So, whenever you create a photo album, you get dedicated email address of every album you create. And if someone emails you there images as attachment, the album will automatically upload those images .

Wedding photographer often face a situation when their client ask them to add their selfies or friends shots in the main wedding album, Now for every client you can create a dedicated folder so they can upload their images whenever they want.

2. Image Sharing is really easy

Next we have the image sharing feature, you can upload the bunch of your images in folders and Groups. and once it’s uploaded you can share it publicly or with a particular client as you wish and all that is very very easy. one of the best part of this storage service is you you can play slideshow of your photos in in gallery mode.

Download app

3. And finally the application for your smartphone

now you can easily download the app in your smart device and after that you can manage all your album and even you can upload it directly from your smartphone also.

Unlimited storage and backup @ $45

you don’t have to worry about when you are using this service because, yogile store images at Amazon S3 servers and the backup of those images are kept in black Blaze. so literally you don’t have to worry about any mishappening.

How to get Free Yogile account ?

Giveaway – 5 Yogile account with 1 year subscription – for free

Just write a comment below. Why you like Yogile… and some of you will get One year subscription completely free.

Create A Yogile Account  Visit –


Yogile Also Featured in – Techcrunch, Lifehacker and TheNextWeb

16 comments to Yogile Review – One of the Best and Easiest Cloud Sharing and Backup Service

  • subrato

    Yogile is fast and easy.. count me in

  • Stella

    Yogile is really a nice service and I have read a lot about in many websites too… love to get 1 year subs for free

  • Trustible

    Sounds like a very good cloud solution for photos. After a free trial, I’m very likely to sign up for paid version.

  • steve

    Yep its a good service and fast also.. count me in too

  • askme

    Hey, How much space they offer ? … any hidden limit ?

  • Dimon

    I don’t trust these cloud services anymore. They can change anything from storage limit to price plan at will. Amazon cloud drive used to be unlimited, but not anymore since 2017 forcing people to change my workflow. Won’t repeat same mistake again.

  • wpuser

    I have visited the website but I am unable to find storage information…. How much we can store.. Or any limitation on creation of folders ?

  • admin

    They Give Unlimited storage.

  • Caleb

    It looks interesting. I like that it doesn’t change file format or resolution, has unlimited storage, is on AWS S2 with full backup on Blackblaze. This and the easy group sharing are a great offering.

  • RafalSeifert

    I like Yogile because of its simplicity

  • CanonPro

    My Cloud is also a great service… they give us hardware (storage + WiFi) that takes data from mem card and store in cloud systems.. after that you can access anywhere..
    I got one from B&H

  • Nimai

    I want it too

  • Aarti Rane

    Be careful. Sometimes, you will upload your images and they will not show up for 2 hours. Have contacted Yogile more than 5 times, but nothing is done. Still face the same trouble.

  • admin

    @Aarti Rane

    I have direct contacts with them, if you are still facing problem I can help you.

  • Sophie

    I am interested in trying this out for my son’s wedding. We have family and friends from across the country who would like to share pictures in a combined album. This looks promising, but there are so many options out there.

  • Hailey

    VERY BAD WEBSITE SERVICE. There service was good initially but over the period of time it has gone to dogs…Whenever you upload the pics, it takes 15-20 mins for them to show up. This is the message you willget as soon as you upload them–
    “All photos have been successfully uploaded! It may take a while before they appear in your album, because the site is very busy at the moment. So don’t try re-uploading them.”

    And then nothing in sight.. I will definitely not continues with their pathetic service.

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