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World First 8K M4/3 Mirrorless Camera Developed by SHARP

World First 8K M4/3 Mirrorless Camera Developed by SHARP, the prototype was displayed at CES event and according to SHARP representatives the camera will officially arrive at the end of 2019. It’s really interesting to see how this camera performs when we record 8K videos. And one of the most amazing thing is the Camera also carries built-in IS mechanism. I still remember Panasonic representatives told us they have removed IBIS from Panasonic GH5s camera due to heat dissipation issues. So, let’s hope for the best and Sharp new M4/3 8K solution will open new gateways for existing camera makers. BTW, they can do reverse engineering also to create their own iterations  😉

SHARP 8K M4/3 Mirrorless Camera Core Specifications

8k at 30 fps in H.265 codec (Sharp is working on 60 fps)
Price under $5,000
Micro Four Thirds format
5″ inch large touchscreen
1 SD card slot [only]
On sensor stabilization
Ultra Compact BMC design
Offifical Announcement on NAB 2019

Take a look at the interview of Sharp representatives at CES show

2 comments to World First 8K M4/3 Mirrorless Camera Developed by SHARP

  • Dave Haynie

    I saw this on another rumor mill… pretty cool. And Sharp is owned by Foxconn today, the company that makes about 40% of all electronics on planet Earth, including the iPhone. So this is likely to be the real deal.

    They seem to be poising this, based on specs (so far), shape, and video orientation as an alternative to the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. If 4K with raw is a good deal at $1300, 8K might well be an option at under $5K. And m43 is easy to license, and has more glass than any other mirrorless option.

    Maybe not, but that’s what I get from it so far. That seems a bit more specialized than you’d expect a camera from Sharp. BUt then again, when was the last time Sharp made an interesting camera?

  • Wayne.

    So, after Sony, Panasonic etc give us 8k. Doesn’t seem a first. I thought they might have this released at NAB.

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