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When Canon 800D is Coming ?

Canon 800D creative image

Canon 800D creative image

Canon 760D and 750D camera was announced a year ago, till now all the veteran rumor mills and tipsters are silent on 800D arrival, finally we decided to put some light on this issue by looking at the announcement pattern of Canon Rebel series DSLRs.

One thing is sure that next DSLR will going to be called Canon 800d or T7i. let’s take a look at table below and some analysis

Date Model Name
March 06, 2016 Canon T6
Feb 18th, 2016 Canon 80D
Feb 6, 2015 Canon 750D / 760D
Feb 12, 2014 Canon 1200D
Sep 15, 2014 Canon 7D Mark II
March 21, 2013 Canon 700D / T5i
June 8, 2012 Canon 650D / T4i

As you can see Canon T6 was announced on March 06, 2016 and Canon 80D on 18 Feb, 2016. Keep in mind both camera announced in 2016 are not mid-entry level camera, the T6 is a entry level and Canon 80D belongs to high-end group.

Now If we look at 2015 announcements, Canon 750D and 760D both camera with almost same core specification announced on Feb 6, 2015. The Canon T6s / 760D features bit more external controls and top display compared to Canon 750D camera. [Specification comparison here]

On 2014 Canon added a entry level DSLR 1200D in the market and a Professional 7D Mark II camera with new Dual-pixel CMOS sensor on Sep, 15 2014. Again no rebel series announced this year.

and before 2014 Canon was updating its rebel series camera every year. But from past 3 to 4 years Canon changed its update pattern for APS-C DSLRs, as we have said already that before 2013 Canon was updating the Rebel series DSLRs every year, but after 2013 they changed the plan, Now after every 2 year they are releasing Rebel series camera updates.

Canon Next Canon 800D is expected to arrive on February Or March of 2017. So if every thing goes according to schedule the camera will arrive on Q1 of Next Year.

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Canon 800D wish list – give your ideas on comment box

6 comments to When Canon 800D is Coming ?

  • stella

    I am a Canon T3i user aka Canon 600D user, I am waiting to upgrade my camera. I was in the mood to get Canon 70D camera, but you asked for a 600D wish list so here I come

    Sensor same as Canon 80D
    Canon 80D AF System – 45-Point All Cross-Type AF System
    Canon T6s Body
    Canon T6s Price
    4K Video
    Touch LCD
    Remote Shooting
    Time-lapse Mode

  • Mike Menon

    Only one wish – Canon should add Dual-pixel CMOS sensor inside Rebel Series

  • Neil

    Canon T7i must have remote shooting feature and apps like instgram, facebook and what’app .. so we can directly share images from the camera

    I need onedrive or dropbox app inside my Canon 800D DSLR, so all images captured saved to server directly.

  • Peter

    WOW.. Excellent
    But I was expecting the Canon 800D camera this year, Now I will sure save more bucks to buy high quality lenses.

  • Peter

    Dreaming on an electronical shutter 🙂

  • setlla

    Canon Rebel series camera uses Sony made Hybrid Sensor, after earthquake in Japan, the production capability of Kumamoto sensor factory was highly affected. So we may see Canon 70D Dualpixel inside Rebel OR the announcement of the Canon 800D will be delayed for may be 4 months, possibly in between June and Aug of 2017.

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