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What Canon said about Canon EOS R5 and R6 Heat issues

Canon finally issued an official statement related to the heating issue of Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6 camera. Take a look at what Canon saif related to the heating issues of Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6 camera.

Canon Press Release Related to Canon EOS R5 and R6 Heating issue

The EOS R5, one of the latest additions to Canon’s full-frame mirrorless camera line, offers class-leading autofocus with high-resolution and high frame rate video recording options using the maximum width of the full-frame sensor at high bit rates. Inevitably, this combination of features has the potential to generate some significant heat, which will limit recording time.

Canon has taken several steps to manage the potential for overheating, including:

  • Magnesium alloy was used in the body to dissipate heat away from internal components
  • An “overheat control” function to reduce heat generation when the camera is in standby

In regard to the installation of a fan: The decision not to install a fan within the body was made in order to maintain the EOS R5’s compact size, lightweight construction, and weather resistance.

Before recording starts, the EOS R5 and EOS R6 display an estimate of the recordable time based on the current camera temperature and the set recording mode.

Canon has published and included below the approximate recording and estimated recovery times for 23°C / 73°F environments and ensures that the camera will warn users when it is getting too hot. Additionally, tips to reduce overheating as well as recovering time are listed below.

What about the EOS R6?

Like the EOS R5, the EOS R6 offers powerful movie recording and stills capabilities within a compact body design. At the highest frame rates and resolutions, heat is inevitably generated. We believe the EOS R6 offers the best in class performance, especially for enthusiast photographers and video content creators.


1 comment to What Canon said about Canon EOS R5 and R6 Heat issues

  • I.Muñoz-Seca

    As a photographer, I suspect that the problem of heating could not affect my day to day.
    With the presentation of R5 and 6, and the future R7, you realize the true meaning of R. A whole revolution, a whole convulsion. A From my point of view, it is synonymous with the best possible ergonomics, the best hardware and software of the moment applied to a DSLR. If we add to this the indisputable potential of the new RF optics together with the EF, it makes the system a REFERENCE impossible to match. Too bad the chosen space-time to hatch due to the covid 2020-2021. The panorama is dantesque, terrible.

    Como fotógrafo intuyo que el problema del calentamiento no me podría afectar mi día a día.
    Con la presentación de las R5 y 6, y de la futura R7, te das cuenta del verdadero significado de la R. Toda una revolución, toda una convulsión. R desde mi punto de vista, es sinónimo de la mejor ergonomía posible, el mejor hardware y software del momento aplicado a una DSLR. Si a esto le añadimos el potencial indiscutible de la nueva óptica RF junto a la EF, hace del sistema toda una REFERENCIA imposible de igualar. Lástima del momento espacio-temporal elegido para su eclosión debido al covid 2020-2021. El panorama es dantesco, terrible.

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