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Upcoming Cameras of 2020

Upcoming Camera list from Tonynorthup, They have done goof prediction of upcoming Major cameras. Have a look and do share your thoughts with us.

1. Olympus Upcoming Camera 2020

  • The entry model Olympus E-M10 Mark IV comes at $ 500 or less. In general, Olympus updates its entry-level camera every two to three years, so Olympus E-M10 Mark IV may arrive this year. Olympus does not tend to implement new features inside entry-level models, so there is nothing new and I think it will be a cute and fun camera to use.

2. Upcoming Panasonic Camera 2020

  • Panasonic GH6 specs are expected to be 16: 9 6K30fps, 4K60fps without a crop, RAW video, 4: 2: 2 10bit. S1H 6K video will be adopted in a smaller package. The price is expected to be around $ 2,500. The G10 (successor to the G9) inherits 6K video from the GH6, but the advanced video functions are omitted and the specifications are closer to single-lens reflex (still).

3. Upcoming Fuji Camera 2020

  • Fujifilm X-H2 rumors are silent now, they think the X-H series will end.

4. Upcoming Nikon Camera 2020

  • I think Nikon will introduce an entry-sized Z5. The price will be around $ 1,500. The camera will feature a 24MP sensor, continuous shooting at 5 fps, 4K30fps, no IBIS, 1 SD card slot, low-end EVF. A camera that competes with the EOS RP.
  • I don’t think the D500 successor will appear in 2020. The D500 is not as interesting as the D750 and D850.

5. Upcoming Canon Camera 2020

  • Maybe Canon will issue 5D Mark V, an EF + RF compatible mounter (Hybrid mount ?), to encourage existing EF mount users to switch to RF mounts. The 5D V has a 4K video with all pixels readout and a hybrid finder. The price is expected to be around $ 3,500.
  • Canon will introduce a professional-grade studio camera EOS RS with a 75MP sensor. Continuous shooting is 6 frames / sec., CFastx1 SDx1, no camera shake correction in the body, and 4K crop.

6. Upcoming Sony Camera 2020

  • Sony is evolving at a slower pace, and the α7 IV, like the α9 II, is expected to be a slightly improved model with slightly improved AF and dust and drip proofing. Two UHS-II compatible slots, priced at $ 2000.
  • The α7S III is a video-oriented camera with improved dust-proof and drip-proof, equipped with 4K60fps 4: 2: 2 10bit video mode. Equipped with two UHS-II compatible slots, no flip-up flip monitor is adopted. AF is greatly improved and real-time pupil tracking is adopted. The number of pixels remains at 12MP. The price is $ 4000.


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