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Upcoming Camera Model Codes Update - May 01, 2019

Upcoming Camera Model Codes Update – May 01, 2019.  Take a look a the list of cameras by camera brand. These camera are in announcement pipeline and already cleared the wireless certification test.

Canon Registered Model Codes

PC2355 G5X II EC804 WM600 (Wireless Module)
PC2358 WM600
PC 2366 G7X III EC 808 WM601
PC2367 WM601

As you can see two of the them are compact camera and other two are mirrorless. Canon is rumored to announce entry level mirrorless camera as well as high-end mirrorless camera.

Nikon Registered Model Codes

N1845 Digital camera
N1847 Digital camera
N1849 Digital camera
N1850 Digital camera

Nikon is also rumored to announce a entry level mirrorless camera to compete against Canon EOS RP.

Sony Registered Camera


Olympus Registered Camera

IM015 Digital camera


Fujifilm Registered Model Code


Leica Registered Camera

7714 Digital Camera

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3 comments to Upcoming Camera Model Codes Update – May 01, 2019

  • Rodney Brown

    And Canon wonders why their profits are dow they keep pushing those blasted mirrorless cameras it is obvious that most people that own cameras have DSLRs with serveral lenes for said cameras and simply can not afford to go to a different type of camera and have to buy new lenses.CANON wake up

  • Guest

    Sony has got in 1-2 months pipeline A6700. Canon is very lazy in releasing of G7X III – this camera should already be on the market.

  • Sean

    G7X III will once against be outdated by the time it gets released.

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