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The real reason why Fuji X30 sales are down

it’s not Rocket science – Reason is very simple – People will not buy the overpriced product with old sensor and image processor.

Fiji-X30-sales-downBefore the announcement when I heard that Fuji X30 is coming with the same sensor and image processor, my first reaction was “No Way… at least Fuji will not do this (read the post here)”, but unfortunately the Fuji X30 finally arrived with the same image processor and sensor ….and as a result on the first day of announcement it scored only 71th rank in the best seller of point and shoot camera category at Amazon and just after few hours people kicked X30 out of 100… however Sony RX100 M3 (Amazon) is still under Top 10 best selling point and shoot camera of the world.

Reason behind the Failure

1. The Major Core Specification of Fuji X30 and X20 are Same

The major cores specification of Fuji X30 is same as X30 – the Sensor and image processor is same and hence you will get same image quality as of its predecessor – see the detailed specification comparison review

2. Fuji must understand that there are many better alternatives available.. at same or lower price tag

Fuji X30 look overpriced when you see cameras like Sony RX100, plus better alternatives are also available with bit extra cost.

Sony-RX100-image-2 Sony-RX100-M2-camera-image Ricoh-GR-image

7 comments to The real reason why Fuji X30 sales are down

  • timo

    Fatuous comparison – none of the cameras to which you compare the X30 has a viewfinder of any kind.

  • Stella

    I really like this post… and congrats to the writer for nailing the subject…

    and for Timo please increase your knowledge – The Ricoh GR has a APS-C size sensor and Sony RX100, M2 has 1″ sensor… having a viewfinder in the camera doesn’t increase the image quality.

  • Tibor

    I think you should understand that this type of camera is mainly for the department store buyer, who does not care about sensor size, DxO or TIPA ratings, etc. You cannot predict sales from these expert corner opinions in case of consumer cameras. The choice is based on a serious look, and good UX, and not specs. Regarding UX I do not think that the tiny hybrid VF in the X20 is better then the EVF of X30 coming from the X-E2. So we’ll see. In my opinion the new design is a peek to the design of future X cameras.

  • Mick

    Tibor, it might be true that the department store buyer doesn’t care about the sensor size and other specs, but they do expect to get value for money. What they’re alluding to here is that the new X30 isn’t value for money, that there are much better cameras available for a similar price point. The department store buyer probably wouldn’t go for a higher end (or at least, more expensive) camera anyway, they will be looking at those cheap super-zooms that appear to be good value for the ill-informed. Those willing to pay the asking price of the X30 probably would have done some research.

    Another choice that people could consider is the Casio Exilim EX-100, which should be a better all-rounder than the X-30.

  • […] Take a look at the history – Post published on September 1st, 2014 The real reason why Fuji X30 sales are down […]

  • David Evans

    I don’t like the Fujifilm X30 it developed a fault on the lens. Plus it fails to turn off sometimes. My Fujifilm was faulty and Fuji would not fix it for me.

    I wont buy fuji again !

  • Didi

    Unless you have actually shot with the X30 and processed the pictures, you do not have an idea of how little the sensor size has to great photography.
    The biggest advantage this camera has is that the sensor and processors as well as the unique system Fuji have are a beautiful balance, they work well together.
    Very underated but in a way Im glad for this ….. go get your big sensor 😉

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