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Tamron Announced Ultra Sensitive Image Sensor

Lens maker Tamron today announces image sensor that is more sensitive then Human eyes. The sensor requires only luminance of 0.003lx.  to create images.

Tamron image sensor

Tamron image sensor

Not only sensitivity the sensor also features excellent dynamic range and your night shots now not blown out by headlights. Sensor was designed by Tamron itself. The sensor of the camera uses in-house developed algorithm and its optical technologies.


Tamron Dynamic range demo. The sensor able to grab excellent amount of details while capturing the car headlights at night.

For more details do read the press release below

Tamron Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Saitama City, Japan; President & CEO: Shiro Ajisaka), an integrated optics manufacturer announces successful development of an innovative technology, with support of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) of National Research and Development Agency, that enhances imaging capability far exceeding that of human vision, with critical consistency established between ultra-high sensitivity and wide dynamic range.
This technology is aimed at consistent enhancement of ultra-high sensitivity and wide dynamic range, which has been considered difficult in the past. The ultra-high sensitivity technology enables capturing clear full-color images even under an extreme low brightness of 0.003 lux, which is darker than starlight. The wide dynamic-range performance assures luminance resolution of a range of brightness in excess of 140 dB (a lightness-and-darkness difference of 10 million times).
Consistent implementation of these two technologies opens a new imaging potential that enables vision far beyond human visual capability.

Key Elements of Technology

Three key technologies – Optics, Image Sensor, and Image Processing – have been identified essential, and their effective integration has been studied for the new imaging technology.

Optical Technology

Development of an extremely low-reflection technology to suppress optical artifacts that arise in ultra-high sensitivity and wide dynamic range, and optical focusing system optimized for imagers.

Image Sensor Technology

A proprietary low gain-noise, wide dynamic-range CMOS image sensor was originally developed.

Image Processing Technology

Development of a digital noise-reduction technology that does not compromise the resolution of an object in focus or under motion, and a dynamic brightness-range technology that enables luminance resolution for an extreme wide range of low and high brightness.

source – Tamron

4 comments to Tamron Announced Ultra Sensitive Image Sensor

  • check

    Selling the sensor to Nikon so they can stop using Sony.

  • animalsbybarry

    If Tamron builds a new camera it should be E mount

    This is a comment I recently made on some other websites

    Interchangeable lens camera sales continue to drop

    The transition to mirrorless is going to happen at some point and at that point the industry needs to adapt an industry standard lensmount.
    I am speaking out because now is the time to speak out, not after the industry again locks us into another generation of proprietary lensmounts..!!!

    Sales continue to drop partly because people are sick and tired of the camera companies that continue to screw us by building proprietary lens mounts
    They force us to buy stuff we don’t want just because the stuff we want does not fit what we have
    People are flocking to much simpler solutions like cellphones
    Now that the industry is transitioning to mirrorless the industry MUST adapt anindustry standard mount !!!!
    E mount is the mount that is most firmly established and should be adapted as the industry standard
    If the industry tries to again force us into proprietary lens mounts for mirrorless they completely and totally deserve to fail and go out of business!!!!

    Also … truly fully functional adapters (Canon and Nikon to E mount) must be desighned built and marketed with the full cooperation of all the manufacturers , and then this that fully comply with the industry standards should be given an industry standard seal of approval!!!

    The camera industry needs to finally start paying attention to the consumers needs

    And we as consumers need to stand together to insist they do !!!
    Not accept and justify thier continued bad behavior !!!!”

  • animalsbybarry

    Tamron’s absolute highest priority should be an FE mount (Sony mirrorless) version of thier 150-600mm G2 and 1.4x teleconverter

  • admin


    Thanks for your input.

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