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Firmware Update

Canon Patent: More Improved Touch Display Screen

Canon working to improve user experience by improving the touch display interface of the camera. This patent talks about improving user experience while reviewing the image. Patent document describes the camera will maintain the same zoom ratio even when slide to another image and lot’s of other improvement.

We think these are minor updates and can be implemented to existing touch display screens via a simple firmware update too. See more Canon Patent

Google translate

In the digital camera equipped with recent touch panel, changes the magnification, but the movement of the expansion position can be performed by touch operation, no means for switching to another image while maintaining the expanded position, efficiently focus confirmation was not performed.
In view of the problems described above, and an object thereof to be able to switch smoothly while maintaining the expanded position by the touch operation to the other images.

The display control device of the present invention includes: a touch detection means for detecting a touch operation on the display unit, a larger display means an enlarged display partial range of the image displayed on the display area of ​​said display means, said display means when the first image is enlarged and displayed, the touch of only one point, that the touch position of the one point only before the predetermined time elapses since the touch of the only one point has moved Correspondingly, changes the display range of the first image, when the first image on the display unit is enlarged and displayed, the touch of only one point, since the touch of the one point only the touch position after the elapse of the predetermined time the point only in response to the movement, the enlarged image switching display of the display unit, the enlarged display of the second image from the enlarged display of the first image and control means for controlling to perform the feed Characterized in that it.

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